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Is Cold Weather Good for Your Penis?


Most of us have been there. You and your buddies are trying to impress some ladies who have been eyeballing you, so you decide to get even more of their attention by doing something heroic (AKA stupid), like diving off a cliff into a pool of water 50 feet below.

Sure, you survive the fall, but that pool of water was really, really cold, and when you came out of the water, your package had shrunk, and so had the ladies’ interest and so had your ego.

Most guys shy away from cold situations for this very reason. We even think about cold weather and our penises shrivel up from fear. But what if I told you that cold weather was good for your penis? And not just your penis, but your balls, libidos and fertility?

Here are some ways science has proved Old Man Winter might be looking out for you:

Hello Testosterone!

Did you know that testosterone levels tend to climb as the temperature starts to plummet? In fact, studies have found testosterone peaks around November and December. For many men, this increase translates into a bigger libido. Probably why so many babies are disproportionately conceived around the Christmas holidays.

Your Balls Stay Out of the Way

Do your balls hang low? Can you swing them to and fro? If so, you may also be able to accidentally sit on them. During warmer months, your testicles hang lower, and they tend to get in the way of, well, life.

While cold weather does shrink your penis (cold temps divert blood away from “less important” appendages and toward internal organs), cold weather also keeps your balls nice and high and out of the way.

Your Sperm are Unstoppable

If you and your partner are trying to conceive, winter is a great time to do it. Studies have found that during colder temperatures, sperm counts and sperm motility (how strong a swimmer your sperm is) are much better. In fact, sperm seems to be at its healthiest during winter months. Sperm are actually quite delicate little divas. When they get too hot, they just don’t feel like doing much.

So, if you are considering entering your sperm into the Olympics, sign them up for the winter games not the summer games.

You Keep Your Johnson Cleaner

You’d think a person would take more showers in the summer than winter, but it turns out that may not be the case. We all need social and physical connection. But when we don’t get that connection, we tend to make up for it by looking for emotional warmth another way. This usually results in humans taking warm baths or showers.

So, if you’re not getting as much action this winter, your hand may experience a lot of lathering action in the shower.

Penis Got You Down?

Okay, so what do you do if your penis is nice and clean and your libido is revving, but you just can’t get it up for the occasion? You have three options:

Option 1: Play Call of Duty obsessively and pretend video games are better than sex. (no one’s buying it).

Option 2: Try and get a prescription for an erectile dysfunction medication, like Viagra, and hope you don’t experience the many nasty side effects. (Hello vertigo and bladder pain)

Option 3: Take Golden Royal Honey.


Golden Royal jelly is your ticket to fun town. It contains ingredients that have been scientifically proven to help men get and keep an erection. It tastes delicious and is all-natural, so you don’t have to worry about any side effects.

This winter, enjoy your penis – try Golden Royal Honey today.





Golden Royal Honey USA

Your Body Off Alcohol – 5 Reasons to Give Up Drinking


Do you like to toss back a beer or two after a hard day of work? Maybe you and the fellas like to work on a case of Heineken while watching the game on the weekend. While it may seem harmless enough, alcohol can do a real number on our body – at any age.

Taking a break from alcohol is a great idea for your entire health. You’ll be amazed at what can happen once you stop tossing them back. Cutting out drinking can also be beneficial to your work and personal relationships.

Here are 5 reasons you should seriously consider taking a break from booze:

  1. You’ll Sleep Better

Many people like to have a beer or a glass of wine at night before bed. They think it helps them sleep. But research has shown that drinking before bed actually increases the alpha wave patterns in the brain, which is not a good thing. Alpha waves are the ones that make us alert.

Other studies have shown that while drinking alcohol may in fact help us fall asleep more quickly, it screws with our circadian rhythms and we tend to not be able to stay asleep.

The good news is, cutting out alcohol can dramatically help your sleep patterns. And the more quality sleep you get, the better your mood, mental performance and ability to focus and concentrate.

  1. You May Stop Overeating

According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, alcohol is one of the biggest drivers of overeating. The thinking is that alcohol heightens our senses, so we enjoy the sensual experience of food more and have a hard time stopping eating. Researchers found that when people had two or more drinks, they ate 30% more food than those who received only saline solution.

  1. You’ll Lose Weight Quickly and Easily

We tend to only want to count calories when those calories are cooked and chewed. It’s easy to make believe that alcohol has few calories, but beer and many mixed drinks contain vast amounts of calories. Did you know a margarita can contain 300 calories or more? How easy is it to toss two or three of those back when you go out to Mexican with friends? You’ve consumed almost 1000 calories potentially just from alcohol.

One of the first things you’ll notice when you stop drinking is that you will begin to lose weight. And you’ll do it without much effort.

  1. Your Skin Will Look Better

Alcohol dehydrates our bodies. The more you drink, the more dehydrated your skin looks and feels. Alcohol also decreases the body’s production of an antidiuretic hormone, which helps the body reabsorb water.

Booze also tends to give some of us dandruff, eczema and rosacea, and that just ain’t pretty. Quit drinking and watch your skin clear up.

  1. Your Sex Life Will Improve

Alcohol can be a real buzz kill when it comes to getting and keeping an erection. Sure, a few drinks can break the ice and make you feel super confident, but when it comes time to do the deed, you may not be able to perform.

Those are 5 strong reasons why you should seriously consider taking a break from alcohol. Start by committing to taking 6 months off and see how you look, feel and perform in the bedroom. You can always go back to drinking if you want, but most likely you will love the benefits too much to go back.

Get Your Mojo Back


Alcohol is the number one reason men of all ages experience erectile dysfunction and loss of libido. But sometimes even quitting drinking isn’t enough to get you back in the saddle. If you have been having trouble in the bedroom we can help.

Our Golden Royal Honey contains powerful ingredients that have been scientifically proven to help men achieve and maintain an erection. Try it for yourself today and get your mojo back.

Golden Royal Honey USA

5 Signs You May Be Watching Too Much Online Porn!

charles-deluvio-733176-unsplashDid you know that 12% of websites online are actually porn sites? Did you also know that roughly 40 million Americans visit porn sites regularly?

You may be thinking right about now that your online porn consumption isn’t out of the ordinary, because hey, a lot of other people are getting off on it. But many people are visiting these websites only once in a while. How often are you watching online porn?

About 200,000 Americans have been identified as “porn addicts.” Are you one of them? If you’re unsure, keep reading to discover 5 signs you may be watching too much online porn.

  1. You are Hiding Your Behavior

Many couples watch pornography together. But when porn watching gets out of hand – one partner usually starts hiding just how much they are viewing it. If you find you have begun to lie and make up social excuses to have the time and space to watch online porn, this may be an indicator you have a problem.

  1. You Can Think of Little Else

While it’s very common for people, especially young people and especially young men, to think of sex often, thinking about watching porn often is not as common. Do you find it hard to concentrate on the task at hand or your job because you are thinking about the next time you can watch some online porn and get off? If so, you may have an addiction forming.

  1. You’re Spending More Than You Can Afford

Many people start off by watching free porn. But as their need for it grows, they often find themselves racking up large credit card bills. According to CNBC, “Every second $3,075 dollars are spent on adult content.” Are you feeling financial distress at the amount of money you’ve begin spending on online porn? Is your partner asking questions?

  1. You’ve Become Anti-Social

Have you started saying no to social events and outings because you don’t want to be away from your computer too long? While withdrawing may seem like a good idea at first, isolation often leads to feelings of depression, anxiety and shame. This in turn can lead to even more porn watching as a way to self-soothe.

  1. You Have a Distorted View of What Sexuality and Intimacy Are

Having such easy access to internet porn is a fairly modern concept. Not too long ago, you had to sneak a look at your father’s Playboy magazine or look at sexy girls on a calendar.

Nowadays, young men have a completely skewed view of what sex and intimacy are all about. If you’ve grown up with the Internet, you may also have a distorted view of what being intimate with another is like. Do you have unrealistic expectations of real-life sex? Do you want and need your partner to act like a porn star? If so, you may need to take a break and a reality check.

If, after reading this article, you feel you may be watching too much porn, do your best to reign in your behavior. You may want to reach out to a behavioral therapist who can help you adjust your thought patterns.

Erectile Dysfunction and Porn

Many men with erectile disfunction (ED) use porn to help them cope. They feel embarrassed when they fail in bed with real women. But women on the screen won’t laugh at them or act disappointed.

Does this sound familiar to you? If your porn watching began as a way to cope with theScreen Shot 2018-06-09 at 7.48.06 PM embarrassment of ED, then we’ve got good news for you. You can treat your ED without having to buy embarrassing and expensive prescription medications that may cause unwanted and nasty side effects.

The ingredients in our Golden Royal Honey have been shown to help men with ED get their… mojo back. Give it a try and start having real and satisfying sex again.

Sure, watching porn can be really fun, but not half as fun as doing the deed yourself. Stop feeling embarrassed and pick up some Golden Royal Honey today.


Golden Royal Honey USA

The SECRET to Longer Lasting Erections


Let’s be honest, one of the best things about being alive is having sex. Am I right?

Sex is how we show others just how much we love and desire them in our lives. Sex is also a great way to release stress and burn calories. Okay, and it feels pretty amazing, too!

There also happen to be plenty of health benefits to having sex. For instance, did you know that sex helps keep our immune systems in tip-top shape? Stress is also a great way to burn calories and work those muscles. And did you know that an orgasm can be even more effective at lessening pain than aspirin? The next time your partner says no because of a headache, tell them you just want to relive their pain!

But sometimes sex doesn’t go the way we planned. No matter how “into” our partner we are, sometimes we just can’t… rise to the occasion.

What Causes Impotence?

Impotence is a complex condition. Sometimes it is caused by the mind and sometimes it is very physical in nature. Feelings of low self-worth or plain ol’ nerves can mess with your mind and cause you to have trouble getting and sustaining an erection.

Other things can mess with your erection as well. A poor diet, prescription medication, stress, and other environmental toxins can cause a low libido, premature ejaculation, and impotence.

But there is good news… and it’s yours if you can keep a secret.

Secret Miracle Honey

Our latest product, Secret Miracle Honey, is loaded with nutrients like ginseng and Tongkat Ali. These natural herbs enhance male vitality without the nasty side effects that often come with prescription medications.

If you’ve been looking for some help in the bedroom, Secret Miracle Honey is your answer. Try some today!

Is it ED or Something Else?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) – nobody wants it, and yet it happens to many men of all ages. Not being able to get and/or keep an erection can put a serious strain on your relationship and dating life. It not only causes a lot of stress and anxiety, it can also greatly affect your confidence and self-esteem.

Another symptom of erectile dysfunction is having a sudden lowered interest in sex. No man wants to experience this, so it can be very upsetting when your libido seemingly up and quits on you.

ED can be caused by different things. Stress is a big factor as is diet, exercise and whether or not you’re taking any kind of prescription medication. There are also chemicals in our food and water supply that can cause a hormonal imbalance in both men and women.

But erectile dysfunction can also be caused by an underlying health condition that needs treatment. For example, ED is often a sign of diabetes, heart disease or blood pressure issues.

It’s always a good idea to see your doctor when you first experience ED so your overall health can be checked out. They will want to give you an exam and perhaps order some blood panels and other tests. If he or she gives you a clean bill of health, then, while still frustrating, you know your ED is not being caused by a more serious condition.


If you are a healthy male experiencing erectile dysfunction, we have good news: Our Secret Miracle Honey contains multiple ingredients that have been scientifically shown to reverse erectile dysfunction.

And even more good news – it’s on sale right now, so you’ll want to pick some up for the holidays and have a jolly good time with the one you love!



Golden Royal Honey USA

12 Days of Golden Royal Honey


On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…

Golden Royal Honey???

What’s so surprising about that? Golden Royal Honey makes the perfect Christmas gift. You can’t give a better gift than the gift of health, and the ingredients in Golden Royal Honey have been shown through scientific studies to be beneficial for many aspects of health.

Royal jelly is one of the main ingredients in our Golden Royal Honey and it is often sold as a dietary supplement to treat a variety of chronic conditions and ailments. Here are 12 potential benefits of royal jelly…

  1. Loaded with Potent Nutrients

Royal jelly is one of the most nutritious substances on the planet. It is what’s fed to the Queen bee and why she grows 4X as large as worker bees and lives 10X as long! Royal jelly is packed with amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and some very unique and beneficial proteins.

  1. Boasts Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Royal jelly has been shown to reduce inflammation in the body and offer users robust antioxidant effects. While more studies are needed, the initial findings are promising and show royal jelly’s potential to fight chronic pain and disease.

  1. Supports Skin Health

Royal jelly is known to have antibacterial properties, which make it a good choice for treating minor wounds. And, thanks to its anti-inflammatory benefits, it may also help other skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Studies have also shown royal jelly may boost the productions of collagen, the protein that repairs skin and keeps it looking young.

  1. Heart Healthy

Certain unique proteins in royal jelly may lower cholesterol, thereby reducing your chance of developing heart disease.

  1. Chronic Dry Eye

When taken orally, royal jelly may be able to reduce the symptoms of dry eye by increasing tear secretion.

  1. Lowers High Blood Pressure

Beyond lowering bad cholesterol in the blood, studies have shown royal jelly may protect your heart by lowering blood pressure. Those unique proteins I mentioned in royal jelly are kind of like artery whisperers, in that they help relax smooth muscle cells in your veins and arteries, thereby allowing easier blood flow and lower blood pressure.



  1. Improves Insulin Sensitivity

Diabetics wishing to improve blood sugar control or those suffering from insulin resistance may want to consider adding Golden Royal Honey into their diet. Studies have found royal jelly may increase insulin sensitivity and reduce fasting blood sugars.

  1. Reduces Side Effects of Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation often come with some pretty nasty side effects. Royal jelly may reduce some of these when taken orally and/or applied topically.

  1. Supports Brain Function

Some studies would indicate that royal jelly may lower the levels of stress hormones like cortisol that negatively impact the health of the brain. Royal jelly has also been found to improve memory and reduce symptoms of depression.

  1. Anti-Aging Benefits

As previously mentioned, royal jelly not only reduces levels of inflammation in the body, it also boosts the production of collagen. Both of these pathways are beneficial to a decrease in chronic disease and younger looking skin.

  1. Boosts Immune System Function

Thanks to the fatty acids in royal jelly, immune system function is enhanced, and viruses and foreign bacteria don’t stand a chance.

  1. Helps Ease Menopause Symptoms

Not only can royal jelly treat depression, which is commonly associated with menopause, it can also help balance hormones like estrogen, thereby decreasing or eliminating numerous symptoms of menopause.


If you’d like to give your true love the gift of health this holiday season, give them Golden Royal Honey.

Golden Royal Honey USA

Golden Royal Honey – The Perfect Holiday Gift!

rawpixel-445797-unsplashIt’s that time of year again when we sit down and write our gift lists. What will we get Mom, Dad, our crazy uncle and the guy at work we don’t really know but whose name we drew from the Secret Santa hat?

While you’re busy thinking of what to get everyone else, take a moment to think about what you’d like for Christmas. If you’re like a lot of men, you want your mojo back. You want to feel 100% confident in the bedroom and be able to rock your woman’s world.

But if you’re like a lot of men, you also are experiencing erectile dysfunction. While you may think erectile dysfunction only happens to men over the age of 40, the truth is ED can happen to men of all ages.

But there’s some good news, there are natural ways to give yourself a rock-hard erection this holiday season. Golden Royal Honey is packed with powerful herbs like Korean Ginseng and Tongkat Ali, both of which have been studied and shown to improve erections, stamina and performance.

If you’re wondering what to get yourself this holiday season, why not more confidence and a better sex life? Wrap up some Golden Royal Honey and stick it under the tree. Oh, and try and act surprised!

How to Balance Your Ho-Ho-Ho-Hormones This Holiday Season

As if the holidays weren’t stressful enough, many women have to tackle their to-do lists while dealing with an endocrine system that won’t cooperate. A hormone imbalance effects many women, even young women under the age of 40.

The symptoms of a hormonal imbalance are bad enough to remove the jolliness from just about anyone. From bloating, fatigue, irritability, hair loss, palpitations, mood swings, problems with blood sugar, trouble concentrating, infertility — these are just a few symptoms of hormone imbalance and why they can you feel miserable.

But there is some good news: balancing your hormones may be easier and more natural (and delicious) than you think.

Royal Jelly to the Rescue

lindsay-moe-534750-unsplashRoyal Jelly is a bee product – it’s what the Queen Bee is fed and what causes her to become 4x as large and live 10x as long as the worker bees. Royal jelly is packed with nutrients like amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, and research has shown that consuming royal jelly helps to balance hormones and support the endocrine system.

If you’re wondering what to give the woman you love this holiday season, or if you’re wondering what to get yourself, order some Golden Royal Honey and relieve those symptoms of hormone imbalance.

Why Giving Yourself the Gift of Health is Important

This is the time of year when we take stock in all that we have to be grateful for. While you are enjoying spending time with your family this holiday season, spend some time feeling gratitude for your health.

Most of us take our health for granted throughout the year. It’s not until something goes wrong that we realize just how lucky we are that we can get up each day without pain or any major issues.

We encourage you to commit to taking better care of yourself in the new year. One easy way to do that is by incorporating Golden Royal Honey into your diet. Check out our home page to see a list of health issues our honey can help you with.

Whether you’re male or female, are experiencing hormonal imbalances, sexual dysfunction, a weak immune system, asthma or arthritis, our Golden Royal honey may help you feel better on a daily basis.

Try some for yourself today.

Golden Royal Honey USA

6 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism Naturally


Are you struggling to lose weight? Maybe you’re already starting to eat way too much thanks to the upcoming holidays and are wondering how you can get an edge on weight loss in the New Year.

You’ve probably heard that the more revved up your metabolism is, the more calories you’ll burn, even while sitting completely still. All of those people you’ve known who can eat whatever they want and still stay effortlessly thin? Their secret is they have a great metabolism.

Well, maybe you weren’t born with a metabolism like theirs, but there are things you can do to give yours a boost:

  1. Eat More Protein

Have you heard of the thermic effect of food (TEF)? It describes how eating food can raise your metabolism for a few hours. Your body must burn up stored calories (fat) in an effort to digest, process and absorb nutrients in your meal.

Eating protein causes a surge in TEF, increasing metabolism by 15-30%. As a bonus, eating protein and animal fat can help you feel fuller longer, so think about adding some fatty cuts of meat to your diet.

  1. Replace Soda with Cold Water

If you want to lose weight, you know you shouldn’t be drinking sugary drinks like soda and sports drinks. But did you know that drinking cold water may also temporarily speed up your metabolism? In fact, studies have shown that drinking just 17 ounces of cold water can increase resting metabolism by 10-13% for an entire hour.

And, like with protein, drinking more water, cold water, can help you feel full and not overeat. This will help you eat fewer calories while you burn more. A win/win.

  1. Exercise the Right Way

Many people focus on cardio exercises to lose weight, but the best exercise to drop fat and boost your metabolism by far is High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This type of exercise involves quick and very intense bursts of activity.

For instance, while on the treadmill, you may walk for one minute, then up the speed and sprint for one minute, walk, sprint, walk, sprint. Here are some HIIT exercises you can try.

  1. Build More Muscle

Be sure to focus in HIIT that will really help you build lean muscle. Muscle is more metabolically active than fat, meaning while at rest, the body with more muscle on it will burn more calories than the body with less muscle on it.

So, not only will you boost your metabolism and burn more calories doing HIIT exercises, but by building muscle on your body, you will up your metabolism even more.

  1. Replace Cooking Fats with Coconut Oil

While it is better to use butter than vegetable oil for cooking, as vegetable oil can cause many health issues for people, if you want to boost your metabolism, start cooking with coconut oil instead.

Coconut oil is rich in medium-chain fatty acids, and these fatty acids have been shown to increase metabolism more than long-chain fatty acids found in butter. One study showed that medium-chain fatty acids increased metabolism by 12% compared to long-chain fatty acids which only increased metabolism by 4%.


  1. Use Golden Royal Honey

Our Golden Royal Honey contains something called Royal Jelly. It’s a nutrient-packed substance that only the Queen Bee is allowed to eat, making her grow larger and live 10X as long as regular bees.

Royal Jelly contains all 8 of the necessary amino acids humans need but cannot produce. These amino acids, along with some key minerals also found in our honey, are key in keeping the metabolism running optimally.

Our Golden Royal Honey can be eaten straight from the packet, or used to sweeten your tea and coffee.


Losing weight doesn’t have to be difficult. Once you know the tricks of boosting your metabolism, you’re way ahead of the weight loss game.


Golden Royal Honey USA

How Golden Royal Honey Can Help You Beat Stress This Holiday Season


The holidays are right around the corner, which means it’s time for all of us to go out of our minds. Not only do we have to deal with obnoxious crowds and shopping, wrapping gifts and decorating the inside and outside of our house, we’ve also got to spend time with family members we may or may not get along with (you know who you are!).

But while it’s next to impossible to ignore the holidays, there are some things you can do to alleviate the stress that goes along with them. And one of those things happens to taste delicious as well.

How Golden Royal Honey Can help You Have a Better Holiday Season

You may assume Golden Royal Honey is only for those people looking for a little fun in the bedroom (sex, BTW, is a GREAT stress reliever). But the ingredients in our Golden Royal Honey do other things besides improve libido, erections and male performance.

Let’s look at two ingredients in our Golden Royal Honey that are known to combat stress and anxiety:

Tongkat Ali

Studies have shown that Tongkat Ali root can relieve the effects of stress. In fact, in one 4-week study that followed 60 stressed-out people, Tongkat Ali was found to reduce levels of cortisol (a stress hormone) and also levels of tension, anger and confusion. (Tension, anger and confusion – it sounds like the holidays at my house!)

Tongkat Ali works on the endocrine system by increasing testosterone and decreasing cortisol. But this does not mean that women can’t use this root to lower stress. You see, this natural plant extract doesn’t increase the synthesis or secretion of testosterone, it just makes it more bioavailable.

Long story short, both men and women need testosterone, just in different amounts. Tongkat Ali can reverse the effects of stress on our body and make testosterone bioavailable.

Panax Ginseng

For thousands of years, ginseng has been an integral part of Chinese medicine. Did you know that Panax Ginseng means “All-healing man root”? Ginseng is known for treating just about everything under the sun, but when it comes to reducing the effects of stress, it really shines.

Here are some of the ways ginseng can help reduce your stress this holiday season:

Ginseng Regulates Blood Flow

The plant compounds inside ginseng, called ginsenosides, are believed to reduce stress by increasing blood flow to your brain. The more blood that gets to your brain, the better able you’ll be to focus and concentrate.

Ginseng Improves Mood

Ginseng has been found to be a very effective mood enhancer. In fact, researchers in Sweden gave two groups of senior citizens either ginseng or a placebo. The ginseng group reported feeling more relaxed yet energetic while the placebo group did not feel these effects. If you need more jolliness in your life this holiday season, reach for some ginseng!

Ginseng Enhances Overall Wellbeing

Another study, this one done in Mexico City, found that participants who used ginseng on a regular basis reported having more energy, better sleep, better sex (ho, ho, ho) and more personal fulfillment.

Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 7.48.06 PM

Sure, the holidays only come around once a year, but that doesn’t mean they can’t stress the living bejeezus out of you when they do. If you want to have some actual fun this year and forget about having to deal with unnecessary stress, then try some of our Golden Royal Honey. Not only will you feel calmer and more relaxed, but you may have some extra fun in the bedroom. You’ve been warned!


Golden Royal Honey USA

Is Golden Royal Honey the Fountain of Youth?

sage-kirk-485982-unsplashLet’s face it, getting older is hard. While some of us may have collected a bit of wisdom along the way of our lives, many of us have also collected fine lines, grey hairs and fat around our middles. And while it may have taken years for all of that damage to occur, we want a fountain of youth that can turn the clock back now.

This is why the anti-aging industry makes billions of dollars each year. But do those creams and potions and pills really work? Not really, and we all know it, though we cling to false hope like an overboard passenger to a life vest.

But does that mean that all is lost? That once we hit ‘a certain age’ we must throw in the towel and surrender to sagging skin, less hair and a lack of energy? Heck no!

While we should be weary of man-made products that tout unbelievable anti-aging benefits, we should continue to look to nature for all of our health and healing needs. With this in mind, I’d like to point out a couple of reasons why our Golden Royal Honey actually does offer some pretty incredible anti-aging benefits thank to a couple of highly-prized and potent natural ingredients:

Panax Ginseng

Panax Ginseng has been revered for thousands of years in Asia as a medicine to treat everything from infections to inflation, chronic fatigue to diabetes and sexual dysfunction. But more recent research points to ginseng’s possible (and powerful) anti-aging benefits.

Many people make the mistake of dismissing plant remedies as “real medicine” but studies don’t lie. The chemical compounds within Panax Ginseng called ginsenosides or panaxosides, are steroid glycosides. These compounds are believed responsible for Ginseng’s anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

While more studies will need to be done, current data is promising and suggests that ginseng might very well be an effective anti-aging treatment.

Royal Jelly

roberta-sorge-127447-unsplashIf you’ve read this blog before, you know we talk often about the numerous health benefits of Royal Jelly. If you’re new, we’ll give you the abridged version now:

Royal Jelly is a secretion from nurse bees that feeds the queen. The queen is the only one who is allowed to eat this substance and is why she grows 4x as large as other bees and lives almost 10x as long.

So what’s in Royal Jelly that helps the queen bee thrive? Well, the substance is made up of a number of amino acids, essential fatty acids, salts, and vitamins and minerals. It is this robust nutrition that helps give your skin a renewed glow. Royal Jelly also boosts the immune system and offers energizing properties, so you feel as well as look more youthful.

And, it’s also worth mentioning that Royal Jelly has been shown to decrease your LDL (bad cholesterol) levels while increasing your HDL (good cholesterol) levels. This decreases your overall risk of developing stroke or heart attacks.


It seems we all have choices to make as we grow older:

  • We can either completely ignore the fact we are getting older and not think about preventative anti-aging measures.
  • We can try and prevent the natural signs of aging by spending hundreds of dollars, if not more, on snake oil, lotions and potions.
  • Or, we can turn to nature to give us the nutrition our bodies need to age with grace.

If you’re in that third camp and would like to see how Golden Royal Honey can help you feel youthful and amazing (both in the bedroom and out), then order some Golden Royal Honey today.



Golden Royal Honey USA

How to Boost Your Immune System This Winter

brittany-colette-707600-unsplashFall is upon us, which means winter and flu season are right around the corner. And the flu is nothing to sniff at. According to the CDC, every year in the United States there are a number of deaths as a result of the flu.

Last winter alone there were 151,983 cases of the flu recorded – mind you, those were only the ones recorded because people sought some sort of medical treatment. That doesn’t include all of the people who actually got sick from the flu.

Health experts have warned that this year we will see even more cases all across the country. According to Dan Jernigan, director of the influenza division at the national Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, the flu is everywhere right now. “This is the first year we have had the entire continental U.S. be the same color on the graph, meaning there is widespread activity in all of the continental U.S. at this point.

So, what can you and your family do to stay healthy this winter? While vaccinations are generally the most common way people try and stay healthy over flu season, there are some other things you can do to keep the flu at bay:

  • Wash hands often. – In any day of our lives we are touching many, many things that are contaminated from other peoples’ germs. Try and wash your hands often and consider carrying around antibacterial wipes.
  • Wipe down shared items. – At home and at work, use rubbing alcohol or antibacterial wipes/spray to wipe down shared items like phones, door knobs, computer keyboards and stair rails.
  • Get plenty of rest. – Your immune system doesn’t work optimally unless you get adequate rest. Try and ensure you get at least 7-9 hours each night to stay healthy.

On top of these tips you could also eat some of our delicious honey. Research has shown that honey boosts the immune system. This is thanks to powerful plant polyphenols and other phytochemicals the honey bee eats. Honey also contains a specific probiotic bacteria that helps keep your gut and entire immune system in tip-top shape.

Golden Royal Honey is made with the most potent and nutritious honey on the market. Along with honey, Golden Royal contains other powerful ingredients to support your energy and overall health this winter.

Guess Where 80% of Your Immune System Lives?

Okay, so there is a lot of talk about how to boost the immune system so you can stay healthy during cold and flu season. But it’s important to talk about what the immune system is and the best way you can help yours.

For starters…

Do you know where your immune system lives?

Get this…

80% of your immune system lives in your GI tract AKA your GUT. This means, if your gut isn’t healthy – your immune system isn’t healthy and YOU’RE not healthy. Read that sentence again because this is the piece to the overall health puzzle that many, many people are missing.

If you want to boost your immune system so it keeps you healthy this cold and flu season, you need to focus on supporting your gut health.

Here’s an easy and delicious way to do that:

boris-smokrovic-174784-unsplashEat more honey.

Quality honey, especially products mixed with royal jelly, contain oligosaccharides, which are sugars that have been shown to serve as fuel for the good bacteria in our guts.

Honey also contains small amounts of polyphenols, which can both protect good bacteria and displace bad bacteria.

If you want a delicious way to stay health this winter, try some of our Golden Royal Honey.