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5 Traits Women Adore in Men


If someone had told you in junior high that science could someday help you get laid, I bet you would have paid a lot more attention! While biology class can be kind of dull, biology itself has pointed to some pretty interesting behavioral facts about women and what they find attractive in men.

Keep reading to find out what you can do to score better with the ladies.

It’s Confirmed, Women Like a Taller Man

Research out of Rice University and the University of Northern Texas concluded that women do in fact like tall men. This most likely stems back to caveman days, when a woman would have looked for a bigger man to protect her and her offspring. Simply put, a taller, larger man had more of a fighting chance in a fight.

But fear not. If you are not the tallest man in the world, what seems to matter to modern women is dating someone who is taller than they are. When you consider the average height of women worldwide is 5’4”, most men will easily be able to beat this height.

They Love Five O’clock Shadows

Ever wonder why certain Hollywood A-listers always have a little stubble on their face? Take a look at every Hugh Jackman photo. The guy always has perfect two-days-without-a-shave look. To women, stubble is a bad-boy trademark and they just love those bad boys. Evolutionarily speaking, facial hair signals a dominant and masculine male.

So, you don’t have to join a biker gang to be a bad boy. Just don’t shave every day to turn the girl of your dreams on.

They Dig a Deeper Voice

Are you noticing a pattern here? Women are attracted to masculine qualities. They may want you to believe that they want you to be all emotional and soft like their girlfriends, but that’s BS. Women want men to be MEN.

A deeper voice signals to a woman that a man is powerful and commanding. Even dudes that aren’t great looking can get a lot of dates if they have one of those deep voices.

If you DON’T have one of those deep voices, don’t worry. The voice is actually pretty flexible and with a few voice lessons, you can get the huskier, deeper sound.

An Athletic Body

Research has uncovered the exact kind of body a woman likes, and that is the “V-shaped” athletic body. This is when a guy has a strong and well-defined upper body and a slim waist.

Don’t have this body? There are a couple of things you can do:

  • Hit the gym and get your upper body nicely defined. Work with a trainer for a while if you have to learn exactly how to get the broadness up top.
  • Dress the part. If you just don’t have broad shoulders, there are certain styles of tailored blazers that can give the impression of broad shoulders while V-neck t-shirts can help your waistline look slimmer.

Move Slower

When you think of a macho male like a Clint Eastwood character, what’s one of the things you first notice? It’s the fact that all of his movements are so slow and confident and deliberate. They don’t flit about like a lady.

Researchers have found that guys who move and speak slower are perceived by women as being more at ease and confident, AKA, far more attractive.

So What Do You Do…

If you don’t have any of these 5 qualities?

Well, studies have also shown women adore a man with a sense of humor. We’ve all seen those short guys with beer bellies who can get the most attractive ladies. They do this because they make women laugh. Laughing is similar to having an orgasm. If you can give a woman a great laugh, she will adore you.

And speaking of orgasms, women obviously adore a man who can satisfy them in bed. Again, you could be bald, fat and not so easy on the eyes and if you can love her all night long, she’ll think you’re the greatest catch in the world.

“Okay, great,” you may be thinking, “I have some mad skills in the bedroom, but lately I’ve been having a hard time getting and keeping an erection.”

We feel ya. That’s why we offer what we believe is the most powerful erectile supplement on the planet.

Golden Royal Honey is packed with powerful nutrients that have been scientifically proven to help men achieve hard and lasting erections. The kind that will rock her world and make her fall madly in love with you.

We can’t help you with height, or stubble, or getting a deeper voice or cracking just the right joke at the right time. But we CAN help you in the bedroom.

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4 Reasons You’re Always Hungry


Do you ever find yourself streaming Netflix and before you know it, you’ve polished off an entire bag of Doritos and a 2 liter? If so, you might have noticed the pounds creeping up on the scale. You can tell yourself you’re just a “beefy” guy, but the truth is, you’re overweight.

While there are plenty of women who love dating big guys, they don’t love it when those big guys have a hard time getting and keeping an erection. Many studies have revealed that being overweight significantly increases a man’s chance of developing erectile dysfunction (ED). So it goes without saying, if you want to be a beast in the bedroom, then you’ve got to keep your weight in check.

Hunger and Weight Gain

Are you one of those guys who can’t seem to not eat? You just feel hungry all of the time? Even an hour after a big meal you feel like you could eat again? There are some common reasons men experience hunger attacks.

While there can be medical reasons behind your increasing hunger, like a thyroid issue or the side effect of a prescription medication you may be taking (prednisone and anti-depressants are usual suspects), increased hunger usually comes from lifestyle factors.

Lack of Quality Sleep

If you’re like a lot of men, you burn the candle at both ends. Maybe you’re working more than one job or working and taking night classes, or just stressed out of your mind and have difficulty falling asleep. Ghrelin is a hormone that stimulates hunger and the production of ghrelin increase when you are sleep deprived.

Try and calm yourself before bed. Listen to music, meditate, and don’t use electronic devices, which can interrupt your natural sleep cycle.

You’re Drinking Too Much Soda

Sodas, as well as iced teas and all other sweetened beverages, contain TONS of high-fructose corn syrup. These have been scientifically linked to lower levels of satiety, according to a study from Yale University. It seems that fructose blocks the brain’s ability to process signals from another hormone, leptin, that tells us we are full. So this fructose tricks our brain into eating more and more.

Stop drinking these beverages, they really are awful for your health, your waistline, and your erections.

Your Happy Hours are Too Happy

You already know that alcohol is loaded with empty calories. But it turns out that alcohol also tricks your brain into thinking you’re hungry when you’re not. A 2017 study found that alcohol triggers specific brain neurons that cause hunger. Most likely why after a night of heavy beer drinking, you and your buddies just want to hit an all-night diner and chow down.

You’re Not Eating Enough Protein

Are most of your meals carb heavy? Carbs will never fill us up the way protein does. If you add protein to your meals, you’ll find you stay fuller much longer. Plus, your body needs adequate protein to build muscle. And, the more muscle you have on your body, the more calories you burn – even while at rest – and the easier it will be to stay lean.

If you are doing any of these 4 things, STOP so you can get your hunger under control. Your waistline, and your penis, will thank you.

Are you someone that isn’t overweight but you STILL have trouble with erections? Then here is some other advice: try our Golden Royal Honey. Packed with powerful nutrients that have been scientifically proven to help men achieve erections to be proud of, Golden Royal Honey is a delicious way to get your mojo back.




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7 of the Best Sex Tips for Men


Let’s face it, as men, we think about sex a lot. A. Lot. It’s how we’re wired.

But the reality is, for as much as we think about it, sometimes the actual act of sex isn’t as… hot or amazing as it is in our heads or in the porn we watch.

But there are plenty of ways we can make sex with our partner even better.

Plan a Unique First Date

Sex is the best when women seem like they can’t get enough of us. But what turns a woman on is different than what turns a guy on. Guys are visual. If the woman shows up in something that shows a bit of skin and cleavage and she smells real nice, we are on our way…

But women aren’t nearly as easy as we are. It takes a bit of effort to make them want us. One of the things you can do to make her become super attracted to you is to be unique. And start from the very beginning.

Don’t take her on a lame first date. She’s met other guys at coffee shops or had a dinner somewhere somewhat fancy. Be different. Take her to a painting class or make a picnic and go to the local pier. She’ll start to want you immediately.

Buy Better Condoms

A lot of guys stick with the same condom brand year after year. It’s like we pledge allegiance to the first time we got laid or something.

But many of us also hate how our condoms feel during sex. If that’s you, you may simply need to go find a better condom. The key is to find a rubber that fits like a glove. Also, look for either ultra-thin condoms or ribbed.

Until you are married and/or monogamous, you’ll need to keep wearing a condom, so you might as well pick one that feels great.

Let Her Massage Your Prostate

If you don’t know exactly where your prostate is or what it does, it’s a walnut-sized gland located between your rectum and bladder. It happens to contain a lot of nerve endings, and when it gets stimulated, it is amazing. This is why is has been dubbed the “male G-spot.”

A lot of guys feel… weird with any kind of butt play, but if she’s open to it, you should really experience this. It may blow your mind. Also, she doesn’t have to stick anything in your anus, she can simply massage your perineum, the area between your anus and scrotum, while giving you oral sex.

Don’t be Stingy with the Lube

No matter how turned on women get, some have a hard time getting wet enough. Too little vaginal lubrication causes friction, which is no fun for either of you. That’s why God invented lube.

All it takes is a few drops before the main event and you two can slip and slide for a long time. If you are using a condom, just be sure to use lubes that are silicone or water based.

Don’t Forget the Foreplay

Guys. I know you want to just get to the sex, but she needs time to warm up. And warming her up can be so much fun. Plus, the longer you put the actual penetration off, the more you build your own desire.

And, when you think about it, the actual act of sex is pretty mechanical, and while it feels good, it’s not that playful or interesting. It’s in the foreplay that you really get to discover each other and interact in an intense way.

Have Sex in a New Place

Yes, sex on a bed in the bedroom is very comfortable. But it can be so comfortable that it becomes a bit boring. Switch it up. Have sex in the shower. Sex in the kitchen. Sex in the car. When you have sex in a different location, you won’t fall back into the routine of sex.

Get Help if You Need it

Sometimes guys can experience a loss of libido and erectile dysfunction. There’s no shame in it, it happens to most men at one time or another. And it can happen to guys who are in their 20s and 30s. A lot of it is from stress and crappy diet.

If you don’t like the idea of taking a little blue pill that comes with nasty side effects, then try our Golden Royal Honey. It’s packed with powerful ingredients that have been scientifically proven to help men achieve a lasting erection.

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Are You Taking Care of Your Heart?


If you’re over the age of 40, you may be experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED). Well did you know that heart health and erection health are closely related?

Studies have conclusively shown the obvious link between cardiovascular disease and erectile dysfunction. Erections occur when blood makes its way to your penis, which then becomes so engorged, it gets bigger and harder. For this natural physical mechanism to occur, you must have a healthy circulatory system.

As we age, and make poor lifestyle choices, the health of our heart and blood vessels takes a hit. And before you know it, you can no longer get an erection.

The bottom line is if your heart health is poor, your performance in the bedroom will be poor.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some things you may be doing that are really bad for your heart:

  1. Sitting

More people are sitting all day long, and this is really bad for your heart. Think about it. Do you drive an hour to work only to sit in a cubicle for 8 hours, then drive home 1 hour, then sit in front of the boob tube all night? Try using a standing desk. If that’s not possible, get up and walk for five minutes every hour.

  1. Drinking Too Much

Drinking excessively tends to pack on the pounds, which ups your chances of developing high blood pressure and heart disease.

  1. Stress

Stress hurts your entire health, from heart to penis. Learn how to chill through exercise, meditation or finding someone to talk to about what’s bothering you.

  1. Poor Oral Health

Our mouths are full of bacteria – that’s normal. But some people have too much of a certain bacteria that is associated with gum disease. If left unchecked, this bacteria can spread and cause inflammation in the body leading to heart disease and ED.

  1. Sleep Deprivation

If you are burning the candle at both ends, you’re hurting your heart and your Johnson. Studies have shown heart health is dependent on quality Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep cycles. So be sure to get at least 7 hours each night.

Here are Some Things That Are Great for Heart Health

  1. Good Oral Health

Your oral health is a good indication of your overall health. Floss daily and brush at least twice to prevent gum disease. Bacteria in the mouth can move into the blood stream and effect other organs!

  1. Rest

Studies have shown that people who get fewer than 6 hours of sleep nightly have a higher risk for developing heart disease. Get 7 to 8 hours each night.

  1. Aerobic Exercise

Your heart is a muscle and it needs to be worked out. You should get some aerobic exercise at least three times a week for at least half an hour.

  1. Berries

Berries are loaded with heart-healthy phytonutrients and soluble fiber. Blueberries are especially good for your heart and overall health.

  1. Red Wine

Studies have shown that a little red wine each day can help lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and improve good cholesterol (HDL). Just one to two glasses though, don’t overdo it.

Have you been to the doctor and he or she has given your heart a clean bill of health but you are still unable to… rise to the occasion in the bed room? Then you can absolutely benefit from our Golden Royal Honey.

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3 Best Aerobic Exercises for Men Over 40


If you’re a guy who’s heading for the BIG 4-0, you know that it’s more important than ever to keep your heart healthy. It is estimated that heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in older men, claiming upwards of 325,000 deaths each year. Not only should you keep your heart healthy so you don’t die early, but also because heart health is directly linked to the health of your erections. Your overall health impacts the health of your sex life, so keeping your heart beating strong is something to focus on now and moving forward.

But our bodies change as we age, and there are some exercises that men over 40 should avoid. But don’t worry, there are still plenty of ways you can give your heart an excellent aerobic workout.

Climb Stairs

Stair climbing is one of the absolute best cardio workouts you can do. Plus, it really strengthens your entire lower body, protects you from high blood pressure, and improves your bone density. Now, if you live in a town or city that has a lot of stairs (Pittsburgh comes to mind) you can simply find a nice long set and walk up and down them for 20 minutes, starting gently and increasing your pace and effort with each up-climb. Use the last 3 minutes to slow your pace and cool down.

If you don’t have a lot of steps in your area, or you live in a part of the country that experiences cold snowy weather, then a treadmill will get the job done. Your workout may look something like this:

  • Begin with a 5-minute warm up on 0% incline.
  • 2-3 minutes at 5-7 MPH on a 2% incline
  • 2-3 minutes at 7-9 MPH on a 2% incline
  • 2 minutes at 5-7 MPH on a 6% incline
  • 30 second at 5-7 MPH on a 2% incline
  • 30 second sprint on a 2% incline

You may repeat this set 2 – 3 times.

A Morning Swim

Swimming is, hands down, one of the absolute best cardio workouts on the planet because it really works your heart and lungs together. And, according to Harvard Medical School, this combination “trains the body to use oxygen more efficiently, which is generally reflected in declines in the resting heart rate and breathing rate.” Swimming is great for people over 40 because it is gentle on joints and bones. Plus, it works out every muscle in your body at the same time.

A great workout is swimming 4 consecutive laps, then using a kickboard (no, they’re not just for kids) for one minute. A kickboard really works your core muscles. Repeat this, and now work your arms and legs even harder on this set. Repeat again, pushing even harder. Repeat 2 more times slowing and cooling down as you go.


Cycling is one of the best cardio workouts for men over 40. The cool thing about cycling is, it’s a pure cardio exercise in that your effectiveness as a rider, as well as your endurance, is entirely decided by your heart’s ability to get blood flowing throughout your body.

If you decide to put some miles on your bike, or if you are thinking of buying a new one, you should definitely go to your local bike shop and get properly fitted. While cycling is great for your joints, if your bike is not properly aligned for your body, you can throw your body out of whack, defeating the point of the workout.

If you ensure you are working out at least 3 times per week, focusing on these 3 cardio exercises, you will help your heart be healthy, no matter your age.

And if you’d like to give your erection a little love, may we suggest our Golden Royal Honey. Loaded with powerful ingredients that have been scientifically proven to help men achieve long-lasting erections, Golden Royal Honey is a delicious way to… work out that other organ.

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13 Fun Fact About the Heart You Probably Don’t Know


Your heart is the star of your circulatory system, and as such, its main job is to keep your blood moving throughout your body so that all of your organs and systems can get vital oxygen and nutrients. Because your heart is so important to your overall health and well-being, it’s important that you take excellent care of it. You can do this through eating right, exercising and not smoking.

While you’re probably familiar with the importance of your heart and how to keep it running optimally for years, there are a lot of fun facts you may not know about this important organ.

For instance, did you know that the average heart is about the size of an adult fist? Here are some other cool facts about the heart you probably didn’t know:

That’s a Lot of Beats!

On average, your heart will beat about 115,000 times each day. Of course, yours may beat a little more if you exercise or are madly in love right now!

Guess How Much Blood You Have?

Go on, try and guess how much blood your heart pumps each day. If you guess 10 gallons or less, you are wrong. Check this out – your heart pumps roughly 2,000 gallons of blood every day.

Merry What?!

Christmas day is the most common day of the year to have a heart attack.

Your Body is Electric

Do you wonder what it is exactly that makes and keeps your heart beating? It’s an electrical system called the cardia conduction system. Do you find that fact shocking?

He Outlived His Surgeon

The first pacemaker was surgically implanted in 1958 in a patient named Arne Larsson. Larsson ended up living to the ripe old age of 86, outliving the surgeon who implanted the pacemaker. Larsson also died of something unrelated to his heart.

A Good Reason to Hate Mondays

Most heart attacks happen on Mondays.

Heart Disease Happened Back in the OLD Days

While more people are living with heart disease today than was common just 50 years ago, the earliest known case of heart disease was identified in the remains of a 3,500-year-old Egyptian mummy.

Beats Per Minute

Human hearts beat, on average, between 60 and 100 beats per minute. But the American pygmy shrew, which is actually the smallest mammal, has the fastest heartbeat at 1,200 beats per minute.

From Small to Large

The fairy fly, a kind of wasp has the smallest heart of any living creature in the world, while the blue whale has the largest heart.

Over 60,000 Miles

If you stretched out all of your arteries, veins and capillaries, they would extend over 60,000 miles.


The giraffe has a lopsided heart, with its left ventricle being thicker and slightly larger than the right. This is because the left side of the heart is responsible for getting the blood up the giraffe’s long neck to reach their brain!

It is Possible to Have a Broken Heart

The symptoms of broken heart syndrome are similar to that of a heart attack. The difference is that a heart attack is caused by heart disease and broken heart syndrome is caused by a rush of stress hormones from an emotional or physical stress event. Another big difference is that heart attacks kill, but death by broken heart syndrome is rare.

Heart Health is Directly Linked to Erection Health

Many men discover they have heart disease when they start having problems in the bedroom. You see, your erection is dependent on your body getting blood down into your penis. When your penis becomes engorged in blood, that is when it becomes nice and hard.

Men with circulatory problems experience erectile dysfunction. So, if you have been having a hard time getting hard, it’s important to get your health checked out, especially if you are over the age of 40.

If your doctor says your health checks out and you are still experiencing erectile problems, it can be caused by things like stress and poor diet. But there is something you can do.

Beyond cleaning up your diet and dealing with stress in healthy ways, Golden Royal Honey is a quick, easy and delicious fix to all of your bedroom problems. Our honey is packed with powerful nutrients that have been scientifically proven to help men with libido and erection problems. Try some for yourself today.


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Is Your Heart Healthy Enough for Sex?


When you reach a “certain age,” sex is no longer something you take for granted. It’s something you sometimes have to plan for, and sometimes you need to even ask your doctor if you are healthy enough to have it.

If you are over the age of 50, you may have some questions about your heart health and sex that are fairly common. Let’s answer some of them now.

Q: Is Sex Really a Cardio Workout?

A: Well, that obviously depends on the person and how much… effort… they are able to put into it. The average sexual encounter last between 5 and 20 minutes. So in a way, you could consider this a light-to-moderate cardio workout, equal to say taking a walk or doing chores around the house. If your doctor has told you your heart is healthy enough, then it can actually benefit from the light cardio workout sex gives it.

Q: What are Your odds of Having a Heart Attack During Sex?

A: While there can be instances where a man may have a cardiac event during sex, the chances are very low, like 1% low for healthy people and less than 10% for people that do have cardiovascular disease. While it is important that you speak with your own doctor to get the green light for sex, once given that green light, you should feel pretty confident that you are healthy enough to “get the job done.”

Q: When Should You Absolutely NOT Have Sex?

A: If your doctor has given you the green light for sex it’s still important that you pay attention to how you feel while having it. If at any time you become physically uncomfortable while having sex, it’s important to stop. Signs to look for:

  • Shortness of breath unrelated to the activity
  • Chest pain or tightness
  • Dizziness
  • Palpitations

Should you experience any of these, it’s important to make an appointment with your doctor.

How Healthy is Your Heart?

Now that we’ve gotten some of the most common questions out of the way, let’s look at a few ways you can tell the health of your heart. Obviously, getting checked out by your physician is the NUMBER ONE way to know how healthy your heart currently is. That goes without saying.

But sometimes men need a push to even make that appointment. The following are some ways you can tell if your heart is healthy or not, and if it’s time to see your doctor to determine if your heart can handle some steamy sex.

Climb Two Flights of Stairs

One of the easiest and quickest ways to see if your heart is actually healthy enough for sex is to climb two flights of stairs. You don’t have to run up them or skip every other step, just see if you can actually do it without stopping and catching your breath. If not, it’s time to make an appointment to see your doctor.

A Mile in 20 Minutes

Another good indicator is whether or not you can walk a mile in 20 minutes or less. So get on a treadmill or find a school track and give it a try. Again, you are trying to see if you can walk the mile not only in 20 minutes or less but also without stopping.

How is Your Energy Level?

One of the symptoms of cardiovascular health is fatigue. When everything else checks out health-wise for you, you’re eating right, getting plenty of sleep but still feel tired most of the time, it may be an indicator that your heart is not as healthy as you’d like.

Do You Suffer from Erectile Dysfunction?

Studies have shown a definite link between heart health and erection health. If you have been suffering from ED lately, it may be an indication that your heart health could use some improving.

The moral of the story is, if you are over the age of 40 and you suspect your heart may not be as healthy as it should be, it’s best to get a full physical exam. If your doctor gives you the green light for sex, you should feel free to have fun without worrying you are going to have a heart attack.

So what do you do if your heart is perfectly healthy but you have been experiencing erectile dysfunction? Try Golden Royal Honey.

Our Golden Royal Honey is packed full of powerful ingredients that have been scientifically proven to help men achieve a lasting erection.

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How Your Penis Ages and What You Can Do About It


If you’re over the age of 40, you have probably already noticed your body is going through some changes, and many of them are worrisome. Maybe you’re getting a pot belly and… are those man boobs?

Guess what? Everything below the waist… EVERYTHING… will also age, and sometimes, in ways you may not like.

Here’s how your penis is going to age:

The Scrotum Droop

Men, your scrotum is going to droop thanks to some muscle loss. And, if things get really extreme, it may droop A LOT. If you’ve ever heard your dad and uncle joking about the “splash down” you may have been confused. This is when you sit to use the toilet and your scrotum actually hits the water. Fear not, if this happens to you, you can get something called a scrotoplasty and lift the boys back up.


As you age, your Johnston will slowly but steadily shrink. On top of this, most men get a nice beer gut, which just makes the whole thing look even smaller.

Going on a Bender

In your golden years, your dong may develop quite a curve. This is thanks to repeated trauma from things like sports and rough sex that result in scar tissue accumulating along the length of your penis. There have been cases so bad, that a man’s penis ended up looking like a question mark – I kid you not.

Here’s a little good news for you after that eye opening and discouraging news.

While you can’t stop yourself, or your penis, from aging, there are things you can do to make sure ALL of you ages well and keeps on working.

As with most health conditions, diet and nutrition play a big role in men’s sexual health.

5 Foods That are Good for Your Penis

Look in any health magazine and you’ll find articles that tell you what to eat for a healthy brain, heart, smile and skin. But what about your Johnson? It needs good nutrition in order to work right.

Research tells us there are specific nutrients your penis needs to be healthy and able to become (and stay) erect, and I’ve complied some of the best foods right here:


Popeye knew if he ate spinach his muscles would bulge. Well, that’s not the only thing spinach can help bulge. Spinach is rich in magnesium, which can help increase blood flow DOWN THERE.


Research has found that men who drink two to three cups of coffee a day are less likely to experience erectile dysfunction. Scientists suspect the stimulant triggers reactions in the body that increase blood flow to the penis.


Bananas are chock full of potassium, which is very important for heart health and blood flow.

Hot Sauce

It turns out eating food so spicy it makes you cry really can turn you into more of a man. A study from France found that spicy food increases testosterone levels. So man up and eat more hot sauce. (PS, animal studies have shown the capsaicin in hot sauce increase the size of sex organs while decreasing belly fat AT THE SAME TIME). Taco Bell is calling.


It turns out watermelon is an excellent source of L-citrulline, an amino acid that can help make your erection harder.


If you want long lasting erections, start eating (or drinking) more of these 5 foods. If you need a little extra help, then you’ll want to try our Golden Royal Honey, packed with nutrients that are scientifically proven to help men achieve an erection to be proud of.



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How to Keep Your Libido Healthy as You Age


When you’re 23, you have the libido of, well, a 23 year-old male. It’s strong and it’s present pretty much 24 hours a day. When you’re young and ready for sex at the drop of a hat, you can’t imagine that some day you’ll get older and sex won’t be a priority anymore. In fact, sometimes you just don’t feel like having sex.

I will let you catch your breath after that shocking statement. But it’s true fellas. Once you hit the age of 40, things start to change in your body. Your testosterone levels drop, causing your body and mind to start acting differently.

But there is some good news: While you can’t actually stop the aging process, you CAN determine how your body, and your libido, age. The truth is, a 55 year-old man who stays in great shape will be able to perform sexually better than a 35 year-old man who is out of shape and smokes.

Lifestyle factors play a major role in how our sex lives age, so if you want to stay in the mood into your 60s and beyond, then keep reading to find out how to keep your libido healthy as you age.

Lose Weight

Not only will you look better naked, getting rid of belly fat will help your body increase its production of testosterone. Plus, a fat midsection is a bad marker for your overall health, so put down the beer. Reduce carbs, eat more meat and drink plenty of water to get rid of that gut.

Quit Smoking

Come on guys, smoking hasn’t been “cool” since the 70s. Not only is it not cool, it makes it hard to get hard. Nicotine restricts blood flow to your penis, making it very difficult (if not impossible) to achieve an erection. And if you can’t get hard, you’re most likely not going to be in the mood.

It may not be easy, but it’s important that you try to quit. Don’t even think about it as if you are quitting smoking forever. Ask yourself, “I wonder how many days in a row I can go without smoking?” Act like you act at the gym when you’re trying to add more and more weight to the bar. By the time you haven’t smoked for 3 days, you’ll find you don’t really crave it anymore.

The key is to go into it with the right frame of mind. You’re not quitting, you’re just seeing how many days in a row you can go without smoking, that’s all, no big deal.


Exercise not only increases your blood flow, it also stimulates special cells in the body to make more nitric oxide. This nitric oxide is incredibly important for getting an erection.

Exercise also allows our bodies to release endorphins, or feel-good hormones. This helps any depression and anxiety lift, and anxiety and depression generally are a real libido-killer. If you’ve been laying around binge-watching Netflix, it’s time to get off you’re a** and get moving.


No one says that getting older has to put a crimp in your sex life. Eating right, exercising, and quitting smoking will not only keep you young, active and in fantastic shape, it will also help you stay in the mood and keep getting those erections.

If you find yourself in the mood but unable to get an erection and nothing seems to help, then we absolutely invite you to try our Golden Royal Honey. Packed with all-natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to help men achieve and keep an erection, Golden Royal Honey is a simple and delicious way to get your mojo back.

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Fellas – Why You and Your Lady Should Buy and Experiment with Sex Toys

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Do you remember when you first started having sex and were maybe a little shy about buying condoms? Well, a lot of guys are still embarrassed when it comes to buying sex toys. But research has conclusively shown that the taboo over buying sex toys has dramatically decreased in the past 10 years. If you still have hang-ups – get over them.

The truth is, using sex toys with your partner can absolutely enhance the overall sexual experience and pleasure for the both of you. But to really have fun with sex toys, you’ve got to get one idea out of your head: That using a vibrator to please your lady automatically means that you can’t get the job done yourself.

Guys – if you’ve ever had fun with a fleshlight, you know they offer some EXTRA sensations that are awesome – or so I heard from a friend. But that doesn’t mean you don’t want to have sex with a real, live woman. The same applies for them. Just because they can really get off with toys, doesn’t mean they don’t want to get off with (or on) you.

So, get over your embarrassment and insecurities and go shopping with your lady to pick up some toys you can BOTH enjoy.

Search through the wonderful interweb unearthed some cool toys to experiment with:

LeWand Massagers

Good vibes are calling. This can be used for solo or partnered pleasure. A little pricey but oh-so-worth it.

Couples Remote-Controlled Vibrator

Want to know how to drive her absolutely nuts? Have her wear a vibrator and take her out to dinner. You will be holding the remote control to the vibrator all night, teasing her. Guess who will attack you like an animal when you get back home?

Vibrating Cock Rings

No, they aren’t just for gay guys. Get over this thinking if you are a hetero male. These rings sit just at the base of your penis and offer amaaaazing vibrations the two of you can enjoy during penetration. You can also be teased by your partner before the action really gets started.

Sex Ramps

Sometimes all it takes to kick your sex life up a notch is a simple change in position. Experimenting with positions can help you get more comfortable AND deeper penetration. That’s a win/win.

Sex Swing

Along these same lines, a sex swing can help you two get closer and have better penetration. Just make sure to read directions and install correctly so no one gets hurt!!

Hand Cuffs

Come on, a little bondage never hurt anyone. Not when the safe word was used anyway. It’s fun to give full control to your partner every once in a while, so if you don’t have some cuffs already, time to invest in some.

Good News: Sex Toys Help with Erectile Dysfunction

If you have been experiencing erectile dysfunction, you will be happy to know that you can still give your partner mad pleasure while you are figuring out what is, or isn’t, going on downstairs.

But perhaps the even BETTER news is that, erectile dysfunction should really no longer be a killer of your sex life.

HOW, you may be asking yourself?

Because there are too many powerful and all-natural supplements you can use to get your mojo (and erection) back.

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