It’s More Important Than Ever to Support Your Immune System

Fall is here and that means we’re officially headed into cold and flu season. This cold and flu season will be a little bit crazier and more chaotic than most, because now we have to contend with this novel Corona virus as well.

It is more important than ever that we take the necessary steps to keep ourselves and our families healthy! And the number one thing you can do is to support your immune system.

Here are some simple but very effective ways to support your immune system so it can support your optimal health:

Get Plenty of Rest

Most of us burn the candle at both ends. While this may help us to accomplish more on our “to-do” list, it doesn’t do anything positive for our overall health or well-being.

Simply put, your immune system cannot work optimally unless you get plenty of quality sleep each night. This means uninterrupted sleep lasting between 7 and 9 hours.

Eat Right

When you fill your body with refined sugars, trans fats and a bunch of chemicals no one can pronounce, you are taxing your immune system, that sees all of these as “foreign bodies” that need to be attacked. The attack comes in the form of inflammation and inflammation is the root cause of all disease.

It’s important that you stop eating processed foods and stick with whole foods you cook yourself. Focus on eating animal-sourced proteins, healthy fats and some fruits and veggies.

Improve Your Gut Health

Get this: 80% of your immune system lives in your GI tract AKA your GUT. This means, if your gut isn’t healthy – your immune system isn’t healthy and YOU’RE not healthy. It’s really important people understand this. You’ve probably been hearing over the past 5 years or so the “importance of gut health, “and maybe you listened or maybe, like most people, you didn’t pay attention.

Your immune system is mostly located in your gut, so it is incredibly important that you take care of your gut health. Eating right will certainly help with this. But there is something else you can do and that is to eat more honey.

Quality honey, especially products mixed with royal jelly, contain oligosaccharides, which are sugars that have been shown to serve as fuel for the good bacteria in our guts.

Honey also contains small amounts of polyphenols, which can both protect good bacteria and displace bad bacteria. Honey also contains a specific probiotic bacteria that helps keep your gut and entire immune system in tip-top shape.

Our Golden Royal honey contains royal jelly as well as other natural ingredients like ginseng that have been scientifically proven to help support our overall health. If you want a delicious way to stay healthy this winter, try some of our Golden Royal Honey.

Some Other Tips to Stay Healthy This Cold and Flu Season

Wash hands often

During any normal day our hands are touching so many different things that may contain germs, bacteria and viruses. It’s important that we all wash our hands throughout the day. You may also want to carry antibacterial hand gel with you if it’s not easy for you to wash your hands multiple times. And do your best to keep from touching your face. I think we’ve all gotten used to washing our hands and NOT touching our faces. We’ve had months of practice!

Wipe Down Shared Items and Surfaces

Use rubbing alcohol to wipe down shared items like doorknobs, stair rails, phones, vending machines and computer keyboards.

Avoid Crowds

If you can, avoid places like shopping malls and shop online instead. Again, we’ve all gotten used to distancing, and while that’s not fun when you’re distancing from friends and family, it can be helpful in staying healthy this winter.

Your immune system is a miraculous thing and it can keep you healthy from all sorts of illnesses if you treat it right. Follow these tips so you and your family can stay healthy this winter.

And try some Golden Royal Honey today!