Is the Stress of COVID-19 Getting You… Down?


If you’re like most people, you’re feeling pretty stressed right now from this COVID-19 madness. Lockdowns, economic hardship, confusing and conflicting information from the media and health “experts.”

I probably don’t have to tell you that one of the absolute best (and funnest) stress relievers is good ol’ sex.

The problem is, many men who deal with chronic stress also deal with erectile dysfunction (ED).

Now it is believed that ED is simply a part of getting older. But research suggests having trouble getting and maintaining an erection isn’t always related to age. Many men experience ED at some point in their lives, and often, stress is the culprit.

How does stress cause erectile dysfunction?

Mental health conditions like stress and anxiety can affect how your brain signals your body’s response to mental or physical stimulation. So in the case of an erection, stress can interrupt how your brain sends messages to the penis to allow extra blood to flow.

And unfortunately, once you experience ED, you feel stressed about THAT on top of what you initially felt stressed about. It is a vicious cycle.

So what are some of the best ways you can alleviate stress so you can get your mojo back in the bedroom?


When we are stressed our bodies release a cocktail of “Fight or flight” hormones that are supposed to help us fight or run like hell. Some of these hormones are responsible for redirecting blood flow away from certain parts of the body to other parts. When you’re fighting for your life, you don’t need an erection, is your body’s point of view.

Exercise helps your body burn through those hormones so they can’t continue to wreak havoc. Getting some exercise every day during a stressful time, is best, even if it’s just walking for half an hour.

Of course, the harder you exercise the more your body will release feel-good endorphins. So that’s really a win-win.


It can seem very hard to get to sleep at night when you are feeling stressed. But restorative sleep is necessary to help repair your body’s organs and systems. The good news is exercise will help you get to sleep. Also, stay off of your phone or laptop. The blue light emitted from electronic devices can hamper our ability to fall asleep


Panax ginseng is a powerful herb that offers many health benefits. Not only can it give you more energy, it can also help relieve stress.

As an added bonus, research has show ginseng may help men fight erectile dysfunction, you are attacking the problem twice.

Our Golden Royal Honey is a rich source of Panax ginseng, so you’ll be able to destress as well as get help in the bedroom.

But it doesn’t end there. Our honey also contains long jack and royal jelly, two natural compounds scientifically proven to help men achieve long-lasting erections.

Are Men More Susceptible to Stress?

While we are all dealing with the stress of COVID-19, does stress affect men and women differently?

According to research from the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, stressful life events are more likely to predict depression in men than in women.

In fact, over longer periods of time, men are more susceptible to the depression-inducing effects of each additional stressor. And their risk for developing clinical depression was 50% stronger than for women.

To make matters worse, men who are the most vulnerable to stress and depression see depression – and seeking help for it – as a weakness. They are generally not comfortable talking about their feelings and so don’t seek treatment.

Dealing with stress is challenging. If you are a man and you are having a hard time coping with stress right now, and that stress is turning into depression, it’s important that you get the help you need right now.

Reach out to a local therapist. Even if they are not holding face-to-face sessions right now, most are making telehealth (over the internet) a priority for clients. Talking to trained counselor can do wonders for helping you deal with painful emotions.

It’s also important to support your overall health to support your mental health. For instance, eating right and getting the right nutrition will ensure you give your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs. For example, stress often causes our body to burn through magnesium causing a deficiency. Interestingly, a magnesium deficiency has also been linked to depression.

As we just mentioned, ginseng is also powerful in the fight against stress. Studies have found taking ginseng daily helps people feel calm and more mentally stable during times of stress.

Our Golden Royal Honey contains Panax ginseng to help you feel calm and relaxed. It also contains other powerful nutrients that have been scientifically proven to support your overall health.

Try some for yourself today!