How to Get Your Man in the Mood


We are led to believe that men are always in the mood and women are the ones who often “have a headache.” But the reality is, there are plenty of times when women want a little action in the bedroom and men, for whatever reason, just aren’t feeling it. He may be tired and have had a stressful day, or he may be concerned that he’s just not up to performing for you in that moment.

So how do you get your man in the mood?

Help Him Relax

The number one reason men tend to not be in the mood is because they are stressed out. You can help him relax by making him a drink (bringing him a beer), cooking him his favorite meal, and listening to him. By simply being attentive to his needs in that moment, he won’t feel the weight of the world is solely on his shoulders and will be able to relax.

Give Him a Nice Massage

You’ve already relaxed him a little bit, but now it’s time to relax him more while turning him on at the same time. A hot oil massage is something no man can really refuse.

After dinner, have him take a hot shower, then after you slowly dry him off, have him lay down so you can give him a nice rubbing. And, if your clothes slowly come off in the process of massaging him, well there’s no harm in that, is there?!

Slip into Something Sexy

If it’s been a few days of your man not being in the mood, it’s time to appeal to his eyes. Men are very visual and they like when their woman looks like “eye candy.” So if you’ve been wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt around the house, perhaps you could surprise him by slipping into something you used to wear when you both tried harder to turn the other on. Why not meet him at the door wearing something sex as hell?

Wear His Favorite Fragrance

Turn on all of his senses by wearing a scent that drives him wild.

Talk Dirty to Him

While he sits on the sofa, glazed at the game on TV, lean in and whisper all of the naughty things you want him to do to you. You’ll both have a halftime show you won’t soon forget!

Tease Him

Men love it when women tease them. It turns us on BIG time. So touch him in ways that are suggestive but leave him wanting more. Kiss his neck, touch his thigh and stomach. He’ll get the message REAL quick.

Text Him Naughty Pictures from the Bedroom

If you’ve ever been in a long-distance relationship, you know that you have to get creative. Go into the bedroom and text him suggestive images, he’ll come a knockin’.


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