3 Reasons to Start Taking Ginseng


You probably know that in order to be fully healthy, it’s important to take supplements. While many people focus on ensuring they get certain nutrients into their body such as vitamin A, D and essential fatty acids through supplementation, there are incredibly beneficial nutrients that most people overlook. One of these is Panax Ginseng.

What Makes Panax Ginseng Special?

There are actually a few different types of ginseng that are commonly used in herbal and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and Panax Ginseng is one of them. According to TCM, each type of ginseng offers unique healing properties.

For centuries, the Chinese have used Panax Ginseng for its warming properties and ability to stimulate circulation. This may explain why Panax Ginseng is effectively used to treat so many ailments – because improving overall circulation can, as a result, improve a lot of organs and systems in the body.

But perhaps the most interesting thing about Panax Ginseng is the fact that it contains steroid-like compounds called ginsenosides. These compounds have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have consistently shown that Panax Ginseng may be able to treat inflammatory diseases including arthritis, heart disease and even cancer.

But it doesn’t end there. Panax Ginseng offers even more health benefits, such as:

  1. Better Diabetes Management

While many people think of diabetes as being a blood sugar disease, it is actually an inflammatory disease that affects how the body manages blood sugar. A review published in PLoS Journal found that Panax Ginseng was able to help patients fight inflammation to better control their blood glucose.

  1. Brain Booster

According to a 2005 study from the Journal of Psychopharmacology, Panax Ginseng may offer the ability to improve brain performance. The researchers found that Panax Ginseng helped stave off mental fatigue while participants were taking a test.

Other studies have found Panax Ginseng may help enhance the memory in senior citizens. Both brain benefits are believed to occur because of the increase in blood circulation. The more blood that circulates, the more your brain and other organs get necessary oxygen and other nutrients.

  1. Natural Cure for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

If you’re one of the many men in this country that suffers from erectile dysfunction, you’ll be interested to hear that Panax Ginseng has been found to help men achieve an erection. A 2002 study published in the Journal of Urology gave 45 men with ED Panax Ginseng for eight weeks. Those who took the ginseng saw far greater results than those who took the placebo.

In another study of 90 men with ED, 60% saw significant improvement using Panax Ginseng.

You may also be interested in knowing that the National Institute of Health (NIH) has found that Panax Ginseng can boost a person’s testosterone levels. This increase in a man’s T-count results in firmer, longer lasting erections.

If you are a man who could use a little help in the bedroom but you don’t like the idea of taking prescriptions medications that come with nasty side effects (Viagra side effects include headaches, nausea and memory loss), you may want to start taking Panax Ginseng.

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