The 6 Types of Guys Women Avoid Like the Plague


Are you one of those men that has a hard time scoring a second date? Whether they will admit it or not, women are attracted to certain types of men, and they avoid other types of guys like the God dang plague.

If you want to up your dating game and ensure you score that second and third date, read this article to find out if you are one of the guys that women want nothing to do with.

  1. Know it Alls

If you spend most of your time on Twitter trolling people and showing them you know more than they do, that attitude won’t score you any points on a date. Making a woman feel inferior is a surefire way to never hear from her again.

If you want to impress a woman, listen to her. Truly listening to a woman, not showing off knowledge you may or may not possess, will score you many points and get you that next date.

  1. Egomaniacs

Here’s how to guarantee you NEVER get that second date: spend the first date going on and on about how awesome you are. No one, especially women, likes an egomaniac.

  1. Mopers

On the opposite side of the spectrum from egomaniacs are mopers. You know, those guys that are so self-deprecating and complain about everything you want to stab yourself in the throat with a broken beer bottle.

These guys are as bad as the guys who brag about how much money they make, because they are still talking about themselves. Mopers are self-involved too, so stop being one.

  1. Creeps

What exactly defines a creep? A guy who has ONLY sex on the brain and can’t see her for the human being she is. Sure, make her feel attractive, but don’t act like a GD dog in heat and hump her right out of the gate. If you’re too obsessed with sex and start making suggestions on date numero uno, it’s going to creep her out. Even women with healthy sex drives have their radar up.

  1. Liars

Guys lie for many different reasons. Players lie to get the woman in bed by any means necessary. Some guys lie because they feel inadequate in some way. They may lie about how much money they make or lie about past relationships. Whatever the reason might be, lying is bad. And once she finds out you are lying, she will cut you loose.

  1. Bullies

A majority of men want to be alpha males. Sadly, most miss the mark completely and wind up just being bullies. Bullies are men that are small in masculinity and real character, and so they act tough and macho. But it’s all an act. Women are hardwired to sniff out fake men. Don’t be one.

So now you know who not to be to attract the woman of your dreams.

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