9 Ways to Last Longer in Bed


You’ve seen that beautiful lady a few times now and she is giving you the signals that tonight is the night. You know the ones. She laughs at all of your jokes, even the lame ones. She makes intense eye contact and touches your knee when she speaks to you. Oh, yeah, as soon as you get back to your place, she is going to be tearing your clothes off and climbing all over you.

But what happens if you experience premature ejaculation? Is there anything more embarrassing or frustrating than getting that fine woman into your bed only to disappoint?

Answer: Nope. Not a dang thing.

Don’t worry, here are 9 ways you can begin to last longer in bed.

  1. Kegels

They’re not just for women. You’ve got to work the pubococcygeal (PC) muscles. The next time you pee, cut off the flow of urine, then let it flow, then cut if off. Another way to do it is to try and use these muscles to lift your testicles without touching them. As one doctor calls is, “lifting your nuts to your guts.”

  1. Limit Your Thrusting

You can have plenty of fun with sex without sticking it in and thrusting like a madman for 7 minutes. Go slow, tease. If you feel like you are getting too close, stop and slow things down.

  1. Use New Positions

Another natural way to slow down the action is to switch up positions every once in a while. Harder positions that require balance is also a great way to hold off ejaculation because your brain is focused on precision.

  1. Edging

Practice makes perfect. When masturbating, use the edging technique, which means basically bring yourself right to the edge of orgasm and then stopping all action until your excitement is under control.

  1. Squeeze One Out Before

And speaking of masturbating, you may want to give yourself a quickie before the date so you can last longer later.

  1. Ladies First

A lot of women need clitoral stimulation to reach climax, so while you’re trying to avoid climaxing, give her a hand, or a mouth, to help her reach hers.

  1. Condom Control

Most guys try and find the thinnest condom they can so they can feel extra sensation. But if you suffer from premature ejaculation, then you’ll want to do the opposite and find a thick rubber. Trojan’s Pleasures Extended is thick and also comes with a numbing agent to extend the pleasure for both of you.

  1. See a Urologist

If you’ve tried all of the suggestions I’ve shared and you’re still having issues, it may be time to speak with a urologist who can help you learn the physical or mental mechanisms that can help you avoid premature ejaculation.

  1. Put Your Trust in Nature

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