5 Traits Women Adore in Men


If someone had told you in junior high that science could someday help you get laid, I bet you would have paid a lot more attention! While biology class can be kind of dull, biology itself has pointed to some pretty interesting behavioral facts about women and what they find attractive in men.

Keep reading to find out what you can do to score better with the ladies.

It’s Confirmed, Women Like a Taller Man

Research out of Rice University and the University of Northern Texas concluded that women do in fact like tall men. This most likely stems back to caveman days, when a woman would have looked for a bigger man to protect her and her offspring. Simply put, a taller, larger man had more of a fighting chance in a fight.

But fear not. If you are not the tallest man in the world, what seems to matter to modern women is dating someone who is taller than they are. When you consider the average height of women worldwide is 5’4”, most men will easily be able to beat this height.

They Love Five O’clock Shadows

Ever wonder why certain Hollywood A-listers always have a little stubble on their face? Take a look at every Hugh Jackman photo. The guy always has perfect two-days-without-a-shave look. To women, stubble is a bad-boy trademark and they just love those bad boys. Evolutionarily speaking, facial hair signals a dominant and masculine male.

So, you don’t have to join a biker gang to be a bad boy. Just don’t shave every day to turn the girl of your dreams on.

They Dig a Deeper Voice

Are you noticing a pattern here? Women are attracted to masculine qualities. They may want you to believe that they want you to be all emotional and soft like their girlfriends, but that’s BS. Women want men to be MEN.

A deeper voice signals to a woman that a man is powerful and commanding. Even dudes that aren’t great looking can get a lot of dates if they have one of those deep voices.

If you DON’T have one of those deep voices, don’t worry. The voice is actually pretty flexible and with a few voice lessons, you can get the huskier, deeper sound.

An Athletic Body

Research has uncovered the exact kind of body a woman likes, and that is the “V-shaped” athletic body. This is when a guy has a strong and well-defined upper body and a slim waist.

Don’t have this body? There are a couple of things you can do:

  • Hit the gym and get your upper body nicely defined. Work with a trainer for a while if you have to learn exactly how to get the broadness up top.
  • Dress the part. If you just don’t have broad shoulders, there are certain styles of tailored blazers that can give the impression of broad shoulders while V-neck t-shirts can help your waistline look slimmer.

Move Slower

When you think of a macho male like a Clint Eastwood character, what’s one of the things you first notice? It’s the fact that all of his movements are so slow and confident and deliberate. They don’t flit about like a lady.

Researchers have found that guys who move and speak slower are perceived by women as being more at ease and confident, AKA, far more attractive.

So What Do You Do…

If you don’t have any of these 5 qualities?

Well, studies have also shown women adore a man with a sense of humor. We’ve all seen those short guys with beer bellies who can get the most attractive ladies. They do this because they make women laugh. Laughing is similar to having an orgasm. If you can give a woman a great laugh, she will adore you.

And speaking of orgasms, women obviously adore a man who can satisfy them in bed. Again, you could be bald, fat and not so easy on the eyes and if you can love her all night long, she’ll think you’re the greatest catch in the world.

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