4 Common Stressors for Men



It’s a normal part of life, though it’s not necessarily a healthy part of it. And that’s the irony of it.

See, back in our ancestors’ time, the response to stress is what kept them alive. If they were suddenly chased by a wooly mammoth or sabre-tooth tiger, you can bet they felt a lot of stress. But their body’s response to that stress helped them to either fight their attacker or run like hell.

Nowadays, our response to stress isn’t keeping us alive, it’s killing us. Sometimes literally, as in the case of high blood pressure and heart attacks. And sometimes it kills us in other ways: it kills our joy, excitement, happiness… and yes, it even kills our boner.

What are Some Major Causes of Stress for Men?

We all deal with our fair share of stress and it can come at us from many different angles. But here are some of the most common causes of stress for men.


Whether it’s a bad commute, incompetent coworkers or a dick for a boss, work is probably the number one stress that men face. And, since men tend to work in more dangerous and unglorified jobs than women, there can be stress from putting your life on the line each day.


It’s getting harder and harder to make ends meet for just about everyone. We’re told to go to college and get a good education so we can get a good job and provide for our families. But all we really end up getting is a whole lotta debt. And we carry this debt around for years and years and try to find a job in a market that is crowded with other people looking for work.

The cost of living is going up while wages remain pretty much the same and the value of the US dollar is almost zero at this point. If you’re not stressed out over money these days, you were either born with a silver spoon in your mouth or you’re not paying attention.

Relationship Drama

When so many of us are stressed over work, lack of work and financial troubles, is it any wonder that our relationships are breaking down, adding even more stress to our lives? Relationships feel great when all is well with the world. But when we’re dealing with other unpleasantness, we tend to take it out on our partners and family members. And this added stress can make life feel unbearable at times.

Trouble in the Bedroom

One of the greatest stress relievers is… let’s face it… S.E.X.

But when men become stressed, they have a hard time getting hard. Talk about a nasty irony. Stress is one of the biggest causes of erectile dysfunction, and then when men get ED, they feel even more stressed.

And having troubles in the bedroom certainly doesn’t help when your relationship is on the rocks. Sex not only feels great, it’s necessary to feel a close connection with your spouse or partner.

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