How to Become an Oral Sex Master

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Guys, how many of you know how to give your lady oral sex so good, she screams and curls her toes? Be honest. Do you have a clue what you’re doing down there, or are you trying this and that getting only so-so results?

There is nothing like an intense session of cunnilingus to make the both of you feel great. And, spending some quality time making her feel good gets her all warmed up for what’s to come next. And the more aroused she gets, the better the sex will be for her AND for you.

But giving a woman great oral sex is an art form. You can’t just thrust your tongue in and around her private parts for 3 minutes and expect the heavens to part and gold coins to come raining down. Cunnilingus actually requires some skill and solid technique.

The following are some tips on how you can become an oral sex master and give your woman mind-blowing orgasms:

Take Your Time

If you haven’t noticed already, men and women are incredibly different before, during and after sex. Guys are in the mood instantly. We don’t require any foreplay to get in the zone and climax. Women are very different. They need to get into first gear, then second gear, then shift into third and fourth and so on.

When it comes time to head down south, don’t just arrive there in an instant and start going at her like she’s a piece of corn on the cob. Take your time on the journey down. Kiss her neck, her breasts and stomach. Let her feel your warm breath on her thighs. In other words, tease her and make her want what’s coming. Every second you make her wait gets her more excited, and that excitement and expectation is what helps her have an amazing orgasm.

Have an Ice Cream Cone

Once you’ve teased her, it’s time to let the fun begin. Start out by licking her like an ice cream cone. Nice smooth, long, gentle licks that cover her entire area ending up at her clitoris. Do this for a little while, playing with speed and intensity.

Pay Attention to Her Reactions

Does she seem into what you’re doing? Is she writhing around and breathing heavy? Or is she just kind of laying there? Pay attention to the signals she’s giving you, and if you’re still not sure, ask her, “Is this okay?” Tell your partner that you want to please her and you want her to openly and honestly communicate with you so you an make her feel good.

Enjoy Yourself

Women need to be fully relaxed in order to orgasm. One way she’ll relax is if she thinks that you are into giving her oral sex. Not everyone is. Some people, men and women, do it because they feel they have to. And no one likes being on the other end of obligatory oral sex. So make some noise, tell her she smells and tastes great, let her know you love being down there.

Let Her Get Off On Your Face

This is the equivalent to letting the woman get on top. You simply let her grind against your still, flat tongue and let her do her business. She may or may not want you to use your fingers in her vagina while this is happening, she will let you know.


Oral sex can be an intense way to connect with your partner. When you follow these tips, you’ll be able to give her pleasure and she’ll keep coming back for more.

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