Dating Tips for Guys Over 40


It seems each year the divorce rate in this country climbs higher and higher. Two out of the three couples I know that have gotten married in the past 7 years are already divorced.

This means, many guys over the age of 40 find themselves single and back on the market. And while being free from a toxic relationship can feel good, dating in your 40s or 50s can feel a lot different than dating in your 20s did.

It’s common to feel nervous and out of your element if you haven’t dated for 10 or more years. But don’t worry, if you follow these tips, you’ll get your groove back and connect with some awesome women.

Figure Out How You Want to Meet New Women

When you were in your 20s, you most likely met women at bars or parties. But that vibe may not work for you any longer. You may prefer to scout for potential dates at a café or at the museum. Maybe you’d rather have your friends set you up. You know, the friends who warned you about your ex – they obviously have a good eye. Just figure out what feels more natural to you at this point in your life.

Google Yourself

She’s going to Google you. No, that’s not a euphemism. In this day and age, whether it’s for a first date or a job interview, people do their research before meeting someone new. It’s a good idea to Google yourself (still not a euphemism) to see what information may come up. Fix what you can and at least know what she will see so you can quickly explain you unfortunately share the same name with someone who was arrested for indecent exposure.

Get in Shape

The harsh reality is that once a man turns 40, he has already begun to lose testosterone. The result is a body composition that is a bit softer than it once was. If you want to look good and FEEL good about yourself, it’s important to get yourself to the gym to get in the best shape possible. You may never get your 6-pack abs back. Then again, you could get them for the first time in your life. Anything is possible when you want it bad enough.

Don’t Underestimate Your Good Qualities

So you have some grey hair and maybe less hair in general, and okay, there’s no denying some new lines on your face. While the packaging may have some patina on it, you have more wisdom, experience and, most likely, a bigger bank account than you did 25 years ago. Hold your head up high and know that you have a lot of appeal.

Use a Recent Photo

Understandably, you want to put your best foot forward and show off the goods. But don’t be that guy that uses a photo from 10 years ago when you were eating Primal and hitting the gym 5 days a week. Always use a recent photo. Would you like it if you found a woman’s profile pic super attractive and when she showed up, she looked like her own mother?

Don’t Forget the Basics

You may be focused on the fact that technology plays a bigger part in how men and women meet. You might meet that next Mz. Right via a dating app or social media platform. But don’t get so caught up in what’s NEW about dating that you completely forget about some of the basics.

For instance, be sure to find out as much about her as you can so you have plenty to talk about. Show up on time. Don’t talk about your ex and don’t ask her about hers. Be flirty but don’t expect sex on the first date.

And Speaking of S.E.X.

Eventually, if all goes well, you both will want to take the relationship further. Well, you may or may not have noticed this yet, but your erections aren’t necessarily what they were back in your 20s. This can be a result of decreased testosterone, the stress of the divorce/breakup, and generally being not in the best shape.

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