Worst Father’s Day Gifts You HOPE You Don’t Get


Father’s Day is just around the corner. If you’re a dad, that means one thing: you’re about to get some really crappy gifts. Here are some of the worst Father’s Day gifts you HOPE you don’t get this year:

Novelty Clothing

Are your closets crammed with ridiculous ties, embarrassing boxer shorts and golfer socks? I don’t know when this horrid tradition started, or who started it, but this year, do your best to end it. Throw some hints out there of what you’d really like: some new jeans, sweatpants and maybe a Stephen Curry jersey.

World’s Best Dad Paraphernalia

It was cute when you had your first kid. Sure, you were proud to drink out of a “World’s Best Dad” coffee mug and wear that somewhat-tacky “World’s Best Dad T-shirt” with the stick figures on it. But they didn’t stop there, you also got WBD socks and beer cozies and keychains and bumper stickers over the years as well. Your kids are now in the double digits, so these items mean everyone is just phoning it in.

 The Ubiquitous BBQ Apron

Be honest. Somewhere in your home right now do you have an apron that says something to the effect of “Kiss the chef”, “King of the grill” or “the Grillfather?” Maybe you have one of each? Second question: besides the actual Father’s Day you were presented with this gift, have you ever worn said apron since? Of course not.

It’s time to start under- or overcooking your family’s burgers and steaks until they get the hint!

Anything Having to Do with Putting

I’ll admit, when I was 8 or 9 I got my dad a little putting green for his office and he didn’t even golf! I guess I just figured all dads golfed. It’s not like my mom corrected my thinking.

Even if you do golf, do you really enjoy putting the ball 4 inches on that fake green turf? It’s not much of a challenge. And don’t get me started about the potty putter. Have you seen this thing?

Car Accessories

Now you may be a guy that’s into cars. But that still doesn’t mean you have any need for fuzzy dice, engine oil, odd-smelling air fresheners, or seat covers with Garfield on them.

Stupid Kitchen Gadgets

You can tell your family really hasn’t given any thought to your gifts when you receive a pair of pizza scissors. Maybe you got a set of “shredder claws” last year and the “Flavor Injector” by Ronco the year before. Know what you do? Wrap these things up and put them in your kids’ stockings at Christmas. Maybe they’ll get the hint that NO ONE likes getting these useless things as presents.

What to Give YOURSELF This Father’s Day

Since it’s very likely that you’ll be getting more crap from your family this year, why not give yourself something you can ACTUALLY use.

If you’re like a lot of dads, you work hard, you’re tired and, okay, stressed a lot of the time. And all of this stress takes a toll on your erection. And that doesn’t help things.

This year, give yourself the gift that keeps on giving: give yourself Golden Royal Honey. Our Golden Royal Honey is packed with powerful ingredients that have been scientifically proven to help men achieve and keep a strong and powerful erection.

With Golden Royal Honey, you can finally get something you want for Father’s Day: laid.



What to give yourself this year?

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