How to Build Charisma and Attract Women


Ask any woman what she finds attractive in a man and you’re likely to get a few different responses. Some women like tall, dark and handsome while others like boyish good looks. Some like a blue-collar man while others like a white-collar professional. But there is one thing that petty much all women can agree on: they are wildly attracted to a man with charisma.

You know, that guy that, when he walks into a room, oozes confidence and commands everyone’s attention. He simply OWNS who he is.

But charisma is more than just being confident. There are plenty of cocky, arrogant guys that are confident but completely annoying. Charismatic men don’t jut feel good about themselves, they make other people feel good as well.

Now, some guys are born with a natural charisma, but most of us aren’t. The good news is, charisma is something that you can develop. And once you have charisma – watch out – because women will be naturally drawn to you. And it won’t matter if you don’t have a movie star’s looks or bank account – they’ll be attracted to you anyway.

Ready to be irresistible to women? Here are some ways you can begin to build charisma:

Focus on Connecting

You know what makes people remember you? The fact that you gave them your full attention. Most people are always checking their phones or distracted by some kind of technology. Again, charismatic people make other people feel good and the best way to do that is to focus on really connecting.

Become a Good Listener

Men with charisma don’t go on and on about themselves. When they speak they make it count, but they listen to others far more than they speak. And they actually listen! Listening and holding eye contact is another way you make other people feel they are important.

Stop Taking Yourself Too Seriously

Charismatic people tend to have a good sense of humor about themselves and life in general. They don’t sweat the small stuff or take themselves too seriously. In fact, they are often the first ones to poke fun at their own flaws. That’s right, having charisma doesn’t make you perfect, it makes you able to laugh at your imperfections.

Make Choices That Make You Feel Good About Yourself

Confidence comes from liking who we are. In order to like ourselves and feel good in our own skin, we’ve got to intentionally make choices that makes us feel good about who we are.

This could mean we choose to get up early to give ourselves time to work out. We choose not to binge watch TV at night but instead take night classes to advance our career. We choose to spend time with those people who value the same things we do.

When we feel good about ourselves and our lives, we exude confidence, and that is an important part to being charismatic.

Be Yourself

Perhaps the biggest component of charisma is authenticity. Most people, especially women (who seem to have some sort of sixth sense) can tell whether a man is being himself or not. You can’t pretend to be someone other than who you really are and hope to come off as charismatic, it just doesn’t work that way.

It’s important to know yourself, your likes and dislikes, what you value, your goals etc. and live by those. Being authentic is probably the most important aspect of building charisma.

If you practice these points you will be able to develop charisma and start attracting more women into your life.


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