5 Tips to Successfully Dating After Divorce


Ending a marriage is never an easy call to make. And the longer the two of you have been together, the harder it can be to go your separate ways.

The silver lining to a divorce is that you create a space for new relationships to develop in your life. This could be having more time for friendships or business ventures. It also means inviting new romantic relationships into your life.

Of course, dating after you’ve been with the same person for 10, 20, 30 or more years can feel a bit clunky and awkward. But if you follow these tips, you’ll be able to feel comfortable, be yourself, and have a great time meeting someone new.

Tip #1: Be Open to the Idea of Loving Again

If you’re dating because friends and relatives are telling you to “get back on the horse,” then you’re not doing it for the right reasons. You’ve got to want to meet someone new and feel ready to do so. Only when you are open to being vulnerable again will you have a chance of meeting the right person.

Tip #2: Make Sure You’ve Released Your Baggage

Some people will emotionally recover from a toxic relationship within a few months, some within a year, and some will need longer. Everyone’s situation is different. Before you start looking for a new romance, or even a fun sexual fling, be sure you have processed your feelings and are baggage-free. You don’t want every dinner date or roll in the sack with a new person to somehow revolve around your ex.

Tip #3: Picture a Healthy Relationship

Can you see yourself in a healthy relationship? Was your marriage the only really serious relationship you had ever been in? Do you know what care, love and respect feels like?

You must begin to see and understand what a good and happy relationship looks like, or you will most likely attract the wrong romantic partners into your life and make the same mistakes.

Tip #4:  Do Things That Bring You Happiness

Do you want to be attractive to others? Then be happy. Rocky relationships tend to dampen our capacity to feel joy. This brings a darkness to our mood and to our appearance. Right now you want to be a handsome devil, so start doing things for yourself. Start enjoying life again by participating in activities that make you truly happy.

Tip #5: Be Patient

It’s common to feel that you just want to meet someone “better” than your ex and move on. But you’ve got to be patient – with yourself and the entire process. Dating is definitely a process – it’s not a one-and-done situation at all. You may have forgotten the intricacies of dating if it’s been awhile. Know that there WILL be ups and downs. And that’s okay. Just be patient, be yourself, and have fun!

Bonus Tip

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