What Seduction Style Suits You Best?


On a scale of one to 10, how good is your pickup game? If you’re like most guys I know, you’re at about a 5 – depending on how much tequila you’ve had.

Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. No guy is born with a 10 in seduction. Granted, I’ve had a few friends who did seem to naturally be at a 7 or 8, but those are the few exceptions. Seduction is an art, and most of us need to learn that art as we go.

But before you can climb your way to a 10 from a five, you’ve got to first settle on your seduction style. There are many different paths to the bedroom, and finding which one suits your personality best will save you a lot of hassle and heartache.

Read on to find out which seduction style will work best for you;

Sun’s Up

You might bring you’re A game with the day game style if you are normally socially reserved. While some guys are successful picking up girls at frat parties or in clubs, you’ve just never had that kind of personality. That’s okay.

There are plenty of women who are just like you. They want to meet guys but they aren’t really the type to find them in bars or through apps. So go ahead and meet girls in broad daylight wherever you see them. Maybe you’re in line behind a cute girl at Starbucks. Start chatting her up. Do you jog or workout in the park? That’s an excellent place to meet women.

The Sun’s Up style of seduction is about being casual and relaxed, genuine and friendly, and striking up conversations whenever they should present themselves. An added bonus is that, unlike being in a bar or nightclub, there’s no real competition for you. And, because you’re not in a typical pick-up scenario, most women will not have their guards up but be open to speaking with you.

Night Game

If you are the outgoing type that is looking for nothing too serious, night game is where you will have the most luck. With a beer or two under your belt, you have just the right amount of courage and charisma to walk up to any hottie and get her number and/or into your bed.

Night Game moves faster than Sun’s Up. The women are faster and more plentiful in a bar or club scene as opposed to meeting on a street corner or grocery line. While you’ll definitely have more competition and distractions working against you, it’s a number’s game and if you flirt with enough girls, you’re likely to score.

Online Game

If Sun’s Up and Night Game had a baby, it would be Online Game. A nice hybrid, Online Game (Match.com) is good if you’re not the most social outgoing guy, but it’s also faster and more direct, because you’re both actively seeking to find someone to hang out with.

Of course, if you really are just looking to get laid, then you probably want to use an app like Tinder. No need to strike up a conversation or fight for someone’s attention in a loud nightclub.

If you want to have fun with women you find attractive, then choose the right seduction style for you and start practicing your game.


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