How to talk Dirty to Women (Without Scaring Them)


Dirty talk.

Men like it. Women like it. But men don’t know that women like it. And those that do don’t know exactly how to do it so the woman is turned on and not reaching for her cellphone to call 9-1-1.

Whether it’s in the moment face-to-face, or face-to-back, however you like to get the job done, or while sexting, dirty talk is definitely an art. Do it right and you’ll turn her on so much she’ll become an animal. Do it wrong, and you’ll come off as creepy and never see or hear from her again.

Here is how you can talk dirty to women the right way:

Dirty Talk Has Foreplay, Too

You’ve been talking to this girl all night. She grabs you by the hand and takes you out onto the dance floor. Her body is pressed up against yours and you are about to lose your mind.

Which is the right thing to say in this moment:

A) “I want to slam you against that wall and f*ck the living sh*t outta you.”


B) “You smell so f*cking good.”

Okay, it’s B.

Your goal with dirty talk, and okay, with life in general, is to TURN WOMEN ON. This is an art form and the first rule of this art form is to TAKE YOUR TIME. Women do not work like we do. They do not go from 0 to 1000 in seconds. They need to be warmed up little… by little… by little. Learn how to do that and you will be worshiped.

When it comes to dirty talk, start off slow, make sure the words fit the moment, and work your way up to saying more aggressive things when the time and setting are right.

Be a Tease

You know you want her, but now you are trying to make her want YOU. To do this you must be a tease. Once things move forward and it looks like she is definitely into you, become a little more physical and playful.

For instance, if she keeps leaning into you while sitting at the bar, lean into her neck, but DON’T kiss her. Just let your breath warm her neck for a few seconds, then let your mouth move up to her ear and whisper something like, “If we were alone right now, I would love to kiss every inch of your body.” Then pull back, look directly into her eyes, then take a long pull from your beer bottle and sit back like the confident man you are.

Green Light – Go!

Once the sex has commenced, it’s go-time. Women like men who are strong and take control, so tell her exactly what you want her to do, “Come here, roll over, get up here, spread your legs wider.” These kinds of directions will turn her on.

Remember the rule of taking your time and making her WANT you even more. I cannot express how important this is. So use your words before you use your hands, tongue or dick. Tell her explicitly what you are about to do to her before you do it. Chances are, you will actually have her begging you to DO what you are saying.

The key to all great dirty talk, and great sex in general, is to take your time and be a tease. Get her so warmed up she is on fire and begging you to f*ck her. At this point, sex with you is the only relief she will have from her horniness. Take your time, read her signals, and be the beast that you are!


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