How to Read a Woman’s Signals


The saying goes “Men are from Mars, Women from Venus.” But if you’re a guy, you know that is seems more like, “Men are from Mars, Women from X()dt7*&^ny~ttq@q@.” Most of the time we have no idea what they are saying. Sure, we hear the words they say, but what are the thoughts behind those words? You got us!

To help you fellas out, here are some ways you can know what she’s thinking.

Science Says – She’s Totally Vibing on You

If you’re a guy, you know just how confusing women can be. They’re supposed to be the ones who are good with communication, but man, can they send some pretty mixed signals!

How can you tell if a woman has the hots for you? Well, it turns out there are some scientifically-backed signals that will let you know if you should advance or not:

  1. Her feet tell the truth – According to research, if they’re pointing at you, it’s a sign of attraction.
  2. Her palms are sweaty – When we’re attracted to someone, our heart start to race because we have a surge of adrenaline. If you notice her palms look or feel sweaty, that’s a good indicator she is digging you.
  3. She leans in a lot – if she keeps leaning in closer to your space, she is subconsciously trying to get closer to you.
  4. She holds your gaze – lingering eye contact is definitely a good sign of love and attraction.

5 Her pupils are dilated – while you’re holding her gaze, check out her pupils. If they are big and dilated, that is a totally involuntary sign that she is interested in what she is looking at – YOU!

Okay, so she’s vibing on you, which means she wants to have sex, right? Hold on there Speedy Gonzales, not so fast. Maybe she does – maybe she doesn’t. if you want to be really sure she’s ready to bump uglies, keep reading.

3 Signs She Wants to Have Sex with You

How many times have you taken a girl out, the night has been fantastic and you feel like you are vibing each other. So you start to take things to “the next level” and she suddenly acts like that is not what she had in mind at all? But but but ––

Sure, you thought the signs were there, but apparently you weren’t reading the right signs. So this doesn’t happen to you again, here are the REAL signs that she wants to have sex with you:

  1. She’s Getting Logistical

While guys think about how awesome the sex is gonna feel, women are thinking about logistics. They want to know you’ll be alone in a clean space and that neither one of you has anywhere to be early the next morning so you can cuddle. If she starts asking question along these lines, she’s starting to literally plan to have sex with you.

  1. She Gets More Physical

As a woman starts to feel more attracted to and comfortable with a potential partner, she may begin to get more physical. She’ll start touching you more, laying her head on your shoulder, giving you a peck on the cheek or neck, or grabbing your hand when you walk. All positive signs that she wants to get as physically close to you as she can.

  1. She’ll Sext You

She may feel a bit shy in person to just come out and tell you she wants you, but if she starts sexting with you, that is a definite sign she’s ready to go for a pony ride.


Okay, so what happens if she sends you all the right signals but you can’t… rise to the occasion? Well, the worst thing you can do is nothing and let your limp noodle mess with your head. The longer you have erection issues, the more they will persist.

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