Guys: How Not to F*ck Up Valentine’s Day


If you’re a guy, you know that Valentine’s Day is a far scarier holiday than Halloween. You think demons and monsters are scary? Then you obviously haven’t given your girlfriend or wife the wrong present on Valentines Day. Their reaction is enough to make a grown man wet himself.

Look, the truth is, Valentine’s Day is a lame holiday intended to make businesses some extra money. You know it – I know it. But our women don’t know it. They really go for this stuff. It’s kind of how like we often just want to chill and watch the game, and they don’t get why that is awesome.

Men and women are different – there is no doubt about it.

So, since we love them, we’ve got to go with it and try to make Valentine’s Day as nice for them as we can. Plus, if we get all romantic and do things just right, well… we get our nice reward at the end of the night. (Fist bump)

In order to help you not f*ck up another Valentine’s Day, I have asked some of my lady friends just what it is they actually want from us:


Mark it on your calendar, use a reminder app, ask multiple girl friends to give you a heads up. More than anything, our women just want us to remember the day. It means something to them and if we completely space out, it hurts their feelings.

Sweet Beats Extravagant

For all you guys that spend a week’s paycheck on some big, fancy dinner to impress her… it turns out most women don’t really get into that, especially younger women. My friends who are in their 20s said they would actually rather stay in than deal with crowds. So guys, don’t spend an entire paycheck to impress. Instead, try and make some tacos or steaks at your place, light some candles, get some flowers, and just chill with your lady.

Notice Their Efforts

As guys we notice how attractive women are, but we sort of look at the big picture instead of noticing all of the smaller things. It’s kind of like how I could eat a fancy dinner and say, “It’s delicious,” but a professional chef could eat the same dish and be able to notice all of the different aromas, spices and textures.

According to my friends, women spend A LOT OF TIME getting ready for a date, let alone a date on Valentine’s Day. It could literally take them hours to do all of the stuff they do to make themselves look so amazing and smell so good. Us guys, we shower, brush our teeth, find something clean to put on and we’re pretty much done.

On V-day, try to notice as much of her as you can. Notice her outfit (yes, God help me, even her shoes.) Notice her makeup, her hair, how she smells, just everything you can. And don’t just notice it, understand that all of that effort was FOR YOU. This is what you should really love about her. She just spent 2 hours getting ready so she would look beautiful FOR YOU. So notice it.

Watch a Goddamn Rom-Com

Listen, it’s an hour and a half of your life and it will really make her happy. Don’t roll your eyes and make a face, just let her pick the movie to watch and be happy about it.  If she wants to watch “50 Shades of Whatever,” that’s what you’re gonna watch. You don’t have to actually pay attention to it. You can spend the entire time smelling her hair and imagining her getting naked soon.


If you do just these few things, you will show your woman how much she means to you, and she will, in turn, thank you in the best way possible. Speaking of, what happens if things start getting hot but your penis is not getting the message?

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