5 Tips for Asking Your Crush on a Date


Asking someone out on a date can be super stressful. And the more stressed you feel, the more apt you are to screw things up and then get turned down. And no one likes that feeling!

Which is why so many guys don’t even bother to ask their crush out. But this is no way to live!

Whether you feel more comfortable asking your crush out via text, an app, or in person, there are some pointers we’re going to share with you that will help you feel super confident. And confidence is oh-so attractive.

  1. Don’t Get Too Analytical

It’s hard enough to put yourself out there and take a risk. But guys often make the situation worse by overthinking things. Being way too analytical will only fill you with fear and uncertainty and you’ll either chicken out or fall flat on your face.

Don’t think too much about it or you’ll psyche yourself out. If they say yes, awesome. If they say no, no big deal, move on to the next crush.

  1. Be Straightforward

You may know exactly how you feel, but the other person doesn’t and may become confused as to what you’re really asking. For instance, if you’re vague and say something like, “Do you want to hang out sometime,” they may not know if you’re asking as a friend or something more.

Be very clear and straightforward. Ask something like, “Would you like to have dinner this weekend?” No one is going to confuse what THAT means?

  1. Learn to Decipher the Reply Text

Asking someone out via text can be a bit more challenging as you’ll have to decipher their response. For instance, if you don’t get a definitive “yes,” that doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t interested.

You have to take their whole response into account. If they say they are busy but offer an alternate day and/or time, then they are interested. But if they just say they are busy but don’t offer a different time, then chances are they aren’t interested.

The point is – don’t take a request to reschedule as disappointment. Give them a chance to make it happen. If they don’t respond at all, give it a few days and then send a follow-up text. If you still get no response, then move on.

  1. Face-to-Face Rules

Asking someone out face-to-face can be scary, but it is often the best way because you can really gauge for yourself their interest and whether or not you have that much in common. Better to find out you don’t jive before you are out on a long date with them.

A couple of rules:

  1. Don’t just walk up to someone you think is a hottie but really don’t know well and ask them out. Try to strike up a conversation and see if you have anything in common.
  2. Pay attention to body language. If they are trying to move away from you or are closed off, then they are clearly not interested and if you keep on trying you’ll come across as that creepy oblivious guy.

Are they smiling? Are they acting a bit flirty? Did you make them laugh? These are all great signs that the chemistry might be there, so go ahead and ask them out.

  1. Take Everything in Stride

You’re bound to get rejected from time to time and that’s okay. Not everyone loves Rocky Road ice cream, that doesn’t mean it’s not delicious. Be your own flavor – be comfortable in your skin and confident. Any rejection that comes your way, brush it off and simply move on.

The good news is, the more you get into the habit of asking people out, the easier it gets. So follow these tips and get something going.

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