Is Cold Weather Good for Your Penis?


Most of us have been there. You and your buddies are trying to impress some ladies who have been eyeballing you, so you decide to get even more of their attention by doing something heroic (AKA stupid), like diving off a cliff into a pool of water 50 feet below.

Sure, you survive the fall, but that pool of water was really, really cold, and when you came out of the water, your package had shrunk, and so had the ladies’ interest and so had your ego.

Most guys shy away from cold situations for this very reason. We even think about cold weather and our penises shrivel up from fear. But what if I told you that cold weather was good for your penis? And not just your penis, but your balls, libidos and fertility?

Here are some ways science has proved Old Man Winter might be looking out for you:

Hello Testosterone!

Did you know that testosterone levels tend to climb as the temperature starts to plummet? In fact, studies have found testosterone peaks around November and December. For many men, this increase translates into a bigger libido. Probably why so many babies are disproportionately conceived around the Christmas holidays.

Your Balls Stay Out of the Way

Do your balls hang low? Can you swing them to and fro? If so, you may also be able to accidentally sit on them. During warmer months, your testicles hang lower, and they tend to get in the way of, well, life.

While cold weather does shrink your penis (cold temps divert blood away from “less important” appendages and toward internal organs), cold weather also keeps your balls nice and high and out of the way.

Your Sperm are Unstoppable

If you and your partner are trying to conceive, winter is a great time to do it. Studies have found that during colder temperatures, sperm counts and sperm motility (how strong a swimmer your sperm is) are much better. In fact, sperm seems to be at its healthiest during winter months. Sperm are actually quite delicate little divas. When they get too hot, they just don’t feel like doing much.

So, if you are considering entering your sperm into the Olympics, sign them up for the winter games not the summer games.

You Keep Your Johnson Cleaner

You’d think a person would take more showers in the summer than winter, but it turns out that may not be the case. We all need social and physical connection. But when we don’t get that connection, we tend to make up for it by looking for emotional warmth another way. This usually results in humans taking warm baths or showers.

So, if you’re not getting as much action this winter, your hand may experience a lot of lathering action in the shower.

Penis Got You Down?

Okay, so what do you do if your penis is nice and clean and your libido is revving, but you just can’t get it up for the occasion? You have three options:

Option 1: Play Call of Duty obsessively and pretend video games are better than sex. (no one’s buying it).

Option 2: Try and get a prescription for an erectile dysfunction medication, like Viagra, and hope you don’t experience the many nasty side effects. (Hello vertigo and bladder pain)

Option 3: Take Golden Royal Honey.


Golden Royal jelly is your ticket to fun town. It contains ingredients that have been scientifically proven to help men get and keep an erection. It tastes delicious and is all-natural, so you don’t have to worry about any side effects.

This winter, enjoy your penis – try Golden Royal Honey today.