6 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism Naturally


Are you struggling to lose weight? Maybe you’re already starting to eat way too much thanks to the upcoming holidays and are wondering how you can get an edge on weight loss in the New Year.

You’ve probably heard that the more revved up your metabolism is, the more calories you’ll burn, even while sitting completely still. All of those people you’ve known who can eat whatever they want and still stay effortlessly thin? Their secret is they have a great metabolism.

Well, maybe you weren’t born with a metabolism like theirs, but there are things you can do to give yours a boost:

  1. Eat More Protein

Have you heard of the thermic effect of food (TEF)? It describes how eating food can raise your metabolism for a few hours. Your body must burn up stored calories (fat) in an effort to digest, process and absorb nutrients in your meal.

Eating protein causes a surge in TEF, increasing metabolism by 15-30%. As a bonus, eating protein and animal fat can help you feel fuller longer, so think about adding some fatty cuts of meat to your diet.

  1. Replace Soda with Cold Water

If you want to lose weight, you know you shouldn’t be drinking sugary drinks like soda and sports drinks. But did you know that drinking cold water may also temporarily speed up your metabolism? In fact, studies have shown that drinking just 17 ounces of cold water can increase resting metabolism by 10-13% for an entire hour.

And, like with protein, drinking more water, cold water, can help you feel full and not overeat. This will help you eat fewer calories while you burn more. A win/win.

  1. Exercise the Right Way

Many people focus on cardio exercises to lose weight, but the best exercise to drop fat and boost your metabolism by far is High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This type of exercise involves quick and very intense bursts of activity.

For instance, while on the treadmill, you may walk for one minute, then up the speed and sprint for one minute, walk, sprint, walk, sprint. Here are some HIIT exercises you can try.

  1. Build More Muscle

Be sure to focus in HIIT that will really help you build lean muscle. Muscle is more metabolically active than fat, meaning while at rest, the body with more muscle on it will burn more calories than the body with less muscle on it.

So, not only will you boost your metabolism and burn more calories doing HIIT exercises, but by building muscle on your body, you will up your metabolism even more.

  1. Replace Cooking Fats with Coconut Oil

While it is better to use butter than vegetable oil for cooking, as vegetable oil can cause many health issues for people, if you want to boost your metabolism, start cooking with coconut oil instead.

Coconut oil is rich in medium-chain fatty acids, and these fatty acids have been shown to increase metabolism more than long-chain fatty acids found in butter. One study showed that medium-chain fatty acids increased metabolism by 12% compared to long-chain fatty acids which only increased metabolism by 4%.


  1. Use Golden Royal Honey

Our Golden Royal Honey contains something called Royal Jelly. It’s a nutrient-packed substance that only the Queen Bee is allowed to eat, making her grow larger and live 10X as long as regular bees.

Royal Jelly contains all 8 of the necessary amino acids humans need but cannot produce. These amino acids, along with some key minerals also found in our honey, are key in keeping the metabolism running optimally.

Our Golden Royal Honey can be eaten straight from the packet, or used to sweeten your tea and coffee.


Losing weight doesn’t have to be difficult. Once you know the tricks of boosting your metabolism, you’re way ahead of the weight loss game.