How Golden Royal Honey Can Help You Beat Stress This Holiday Season


The holidays are right around the corner, which means it’s time for all of us to go out of our minds. Not only do we have to deal with obnoxious crowds and shopping, wrapping gifts and decorating the inside and outside of our house, we’ve also got to spend time with family members we may or may not get along with (you know who you are!).

But while it’s next to impossible to ignore the holidays, there are some things you can do to alleviate the stress that goes along with them. And one of those things happens to taste delicious as well.

How Golden Royal Honey Can help You Have a Better Holiday Season

You may assume Golden Royal Honey is only for those people looking for a little fun in the bedroom (sex, BTW, is a GREAT stress reliever). But the ingredients in our Golden Royal Honey do other things besides improve libido, erections and male performance.

Let’s look at two ingredients in our Golden Royal Honey that are known to combat stress and anxiety:

Tongkat Ali

Studies have shown that Tongkat Ali root can relieve the effects of stress. In fact, in one 4-week study that followed 60 stressed-out people, Tongkat Ali was found to reduce levels of cortisol (a stress hormone) and also levels of tension, anger and confusion. (Tension, anger and confusion – it sounds like the holidays at my house!)

Tongkat Ali works on the endocrine system by increasing testosterone and decreasing cortisol. But this does not mean that women can’t use this root to lower stress. You see, this natural plant extract doesn’t increase the synthesis or secretion of testosterone, it just makes it more bioavailable.

Long story short, both men and women need testosterone, just in different amounts. Tongkat Ali can reverse the effects of stress on our body and make testosterone bioavailable.

Panax Ginseng

For thousands of years, ginseng has been an integral part of Chinese medicine. Did you know that Panax Ginseng means “All-healing man root”? Ginseng is known for treating just about everything under the sun, but when it comes to reducing the effects of stress, it really shines.

Here are some of the ways ginseng can help reduce your stress this holiday season:

Ginseng Regulates Blood Flow

The plant compounds inside ginseng, called ginsenosides, are believed to reduce stress by increasing blood flow to your brain. The more blood that gets to your brain, the better able you’ll be to focus and concentrate.

Ginseng Improves Mood

Ginseng has been found to be a very effective mood enhancer. In fact, researchers in Sweden gave two groups of senior citizens either ginseng or a placebo. The ginseng group reported feeling more relaxed yet energetic while the placebo group did not feel these effects. If you need more jolliness in your life this holiday season, reach for some ginseng!

Ginseng Enhances Overall Wellbeing

Another study, this one done in Mexico City, found that participants who used ginseng on a regular basis reported having more energy, better sleep, better sex (ho, ho, ho) and more personal fulfillment.

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Sure, the holidays only come around once a year, but that doesn’t mean they can’t stress the living bejeezus out of you when they do. If you want to have some actual fun this year and forget about having to deal with unnecessary stress, then try some of our Golden Royal Honey. Not only will you feel calmer and more relaxed, but you may have some extra fun in the bedroom. You’ve been warned!