Are You Getting Enough Omega-3s?

shutterstock_204844579Omega-3 fatty acids are incredibly beneficial for our health. But, much like vitamin C and other essential nutrients, since our bodies don’t make omega-3 fatty acids, we have to get them from an external source.

Benefits of Omega-3s

You know they are good for you, but do you know just HOW good? Here are some of the biggest benefits omega-3s offer our health:

  1. Heart Health

The American Heart Association (AHA) is an outspoken advocate of incorporating omega-3 fatty acids into the diet to promote heart health. Heart disease and stroke are some of the leading causes of death around the globe, and yet studies have found that those global communities with diets rich in fish have remarkably low instances of these diseases, which is at least partially due to their high omega-3 consumption.

  1. Omega-3s are Good for the Brain

Several studies have suggested that depression and anxiety may be helped with supplementation of omega-3s. And, though limited, studies have also found children with ADHD may be helped by upping their omega-3 intake. And finally, numerous studies have shown the benefits of omega-3s for age-related mental decline.

  1. Fights Inflammation

Did you know that inflammation is the root of most diseases? From arthritis to diabetes to cancer and Alzheimer’s, inflammation is one of the worst things for your overall health. Omega-3s kick a** when it comes to reducing system-wide inflammation.

  1. Healthy Joints

A common age-related degenerative disease is osteoarthritis of the joints. This painful condition affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide. As far back as the 1950s, studies have shown how effective fish oil (which is high in essential omega-3s) can be in treating arthritis.

  1. Healthy Glowing Skin

Okay, while most people want to age well, a lot of us want to also look good while we do it. And there is plenty of evidence to suggest omega-3s can help naturally slow the signs of aging and give our skin a natural, healthy glow.

Sources of Omega-3s

Now that you know some of the benefits of omega-3s, you’re probably wondering how you can get more into your own diet. Here’s a list of the top 10 sources for omega-3s, based on their daily value (DV) percentage:

  1. Atlantic Mackerel: 6,982 milligrams in 1 cup cooked (174 percent DV)
  2. Salmon Fish Oil: 4,767 milligrams in 1 tablespoon (119 percent DV)
  3. Cod Liver Oil: 2.664 milligrams in 1 tablespoon (66 percent DV)
  4. Walnuts: 2,664 milligrams in 1/4 cup (66 percent DV)
  5. Chia Seeds: 2,457 milligrams in 1 tablespoon (61 percent DV)
  6. Herring: 1,885 milligrams in 3 ounces (47 percent DV)
  7. Alaskan Salmon (wild-caught): 1,716 milligrams in 3 ounces (42 percent DV)
  8. Flaxseeds (ground): 1,597 milligrams in 1 tablespoon (39 percent DV)
  9. Albacore Tuna: 1,414 milligrams in 3 ounces (35 percent DV)
  10. White Fish: 1,363 milligrams in 3 ounces (34 percent DV)

What do you notice about this list? It’s made up almost entirely of fish. In fact, if I had gone on further with the list you would have also read that sardines and anchovies were great sources of omega-3s.

Well, this is great news if you love eating fish every day, but not many people do. And you can take a fish oil supplement, but a majority of these supplements leave you with fishy burps.

Royal Honey Benefits

aaron-burden-361231-unsplashBut there is another excellent source of omega-3s that only those in the medical community are talking about: Royal Honey.

Golden Royal Honey – an Excellent Source of Omega-3s

Our Golden Royal Honey contains Royal Jelly, which is a creamy-white substance secreted by worker bees and eaten by the Queen Bee. Because Royal Jelly is packed with vital nutrients, the Queen Bee is able to grow 50% larger than the worker bees and live 40 times as long!

Beyond being a rich source of proteins, sugars, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, Royal Jelly is also rich in essential fatty acids.

So, you can either eat fish, or you can eat delicious Golden Royal Honey. The choice is yours. If you choose to go the delicious route, check out our different packages and pricing options.

To your health!